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Ways to Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Brand With Signs

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Zig Ziglar is quoted as having said that customers buy “for emotional reasons”.  This is certainly true of impulse buying, but it’s also true of brand loyalty.  A customer’s attachment to any given brand is the byproduct of how well you’ve appealed to that customer with your branding.

Depending on your sector of the retail market, the way you give your customers the “feelz” through your brand matters.  Your brand is your retail face, flavor and texture.  It’s what draws people to you and compels them to choose you over competitors.

Branding is what sets you apart as a retailer.  This post is about ways to make customers fall in love with your brand with signs and using this retail tool as an emotional appeal.

Who is your target?

The very foundation of any branding effort is the demographic you’re targeting.  If you’re selling baby clothes, you’re going after new moms, expectant moms and of course, grandparents.  Your brand needs to reach out and touch these prospective customers and pull them into its embrace.

Warmth, joy and hope are all emotional states which figure into the arrival of a new life.  These should be implicitly woven into the signs representing your brand at your outlet.

If you’re selling women’s shoes, you’re going after style conscious women who want to know that you’re the place to come for the latest trends.  Current trends in logos should be broadened to encompass their outskirts, to avoid dating your brand too quickly.  At the same time, your brand and the signs representing it should be recognizably contemporary and style-savvy in terms of typeface and colors and imagery selected.

Ways to make customers fall in love with your brand with signs are rooted in your knowledge of your target customer base and what it likes to see.  What they see should evoke a feeling about your enterprise and its mission, inducing the perception that you and your products and services are a necessary life support.

Long term relationships.

Fostering long term relationships with your shoppers is what your brand should be engineered to do.  A fling here and there keeps product moving, but it’s the long term relationship with your target people that keeps you in business.

As with any relationship, knowing yourself is the foundation of success.  When you know what your brand is and who it’s most potently appealing to, you are much more effectively placed to make the appeal and then, seal the deal.

Any great relationship can crumble in the absence of effective communication and that’s what effective signs do – they communicate with your ideal consumer.  You were made for each other, but your branded signage keeps the flame burning by continuing the conversation, every time the customer encounters them.

Branded signs are like love notes to your shoppers.

Branded signs with Clip Strip Corp.

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