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Ways to Re-Energize Your Brand with a New Retail Sign Strategy

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Let’s be honest.  Brands can stagnate.  Like houseplants, they need to be cared for, fed with nutrients and watered, to thrive.

And the water of your brand?  Marketing vision.  Your vision needs to be 360°, incisive and focused.

That brings us to ways to re-energize your brand with a new retail sign strategy.  But it’s about more than freshening up your visual marketing.  It’s about getting buy-in from your employees.  To make it work, you need that strategy to be supported by your sales floor staff.  They need to understand it and promote it in every interaction they have with your shoppers.

In-store brand ambassadors.

For a new retail sign strategy to really hit the mark, priming your employees to support it is a key undertaking.  That means sitting down with them as a group and describing your plans.  It also means crafting an in-store experiential strategy that makes your sales representatives brand ambassadors.

They need to be the living embodiment of your brand.  If you’re selling men’s tailored clothing, then your staff should be wearing it.  They should not only be talking about it.  They should be modeling it, answering questions about it and making it look like something your shoppers need to purchase.

If you’re selling bath products which are organically-based and ethically-sourced, your employees should not only understand what those selling points are, they should philosophically accept them.  This brings them to work prepared to explain their benefits to customers.

Everything about your sales staff should be keyed to your brand, from quality of their interactions with customers, to what they wear, to what they say.  They are your in-store brand ambassadors.  They bring your brand to life.

Signage as service and brand support.

Another key support to re-energizing your brand with a new retail sign strategy is forethought with respect to the interactive aspect of signage.  Signs support the customer journey, while reinforcing your branding.  They’re there not just to point the way, but to reinforce your messaging.

In the case of those organically-based and ethically-sourced bath products, your signage should be printed on papers that support your brand mission – to be kind to the environment, while offering a superior selection of bath products. And you need to tell customers that as part of your new retail sign strategy.

The look and aesthetic of your signs should send the brand message in the same way your in-store ambassadors do – consistently.  They’re communicating your story to shoppers and helping them find what they’re looking for, but they’re also providing an informational service.

Your tailored men’s clothing?  Signage should tell a brand story of refinement and discerning tastes.  That can be expressed in multiple ways.  Color, typeface, material you’ve used to print – all these factor into effective visual marketing that further defines your brand.

How to re-energize your brand with a new retail sign strategy is to pull everything together into a consistent package, getting everyone on the same page.

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