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Retail Merchandising: Set Up Your Store for Retail Success

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Retail merchandising is a science which can either be your best salesperson, or your worst enemy.  The way your store looks isn’t just about aesthetics.  It’s about how your shoppers interact with your retail setting.

Think of your store in terms of square feet and what kind of revenue each of those square feet renders.  That’s your first step toward effective retail merchandising.  Set up your store for retail success according to the ideas detailed here and reap the benefits.

Who’s shopping?

Superficially, you know who that is.  But taking your analysis of your target demographic beyond markers like age, sex and income is the road to enhanced revenue.

Your POS tracking system is where to start.  What have the habits of your customer base been in the past?  How are their purchases pointing to lifestyles and interests?  Having this information in hand can be the strong foundation of your retail merchandising efforts.

Knowing your customer and why they shop and what motivates them to buy is pure retail gold.  Understanding your demographic in a more holistic way opens the door to appealing to them with displays directly keyed to their lifestyles and interests.

In the realm of the senses.

Your shoppers are human beings with a range of senses which must be appealed to.  What they see, hear, smell, taste and touch can all be engaged in your outlet, regardless of what you’re selling.  Sensory branding goes beyond visuals, taking advantage of all the senses in a retail environment.

Scent is one of the more evocative senses.  It connects directly to memory.  Scent can trigger emotions and the memories people associate with it.  Using scent in your retail outlet subtly, may be about infusing your store with the aroma of vanilla, or of baking cookies.  Here’s where knowing your demographic can reap enormous rewards.

The sound of your outlet is also important.  Play background music that directly appeals to your target people.  Too much of a good thing can be annoying for some, though, so calibrate your music to the aural tastes of your shoppers.

It’s not just food and drink which can be sold with taste.  Your special events can offer shoppers treats they’ll remember.  Offering a little bite of something tasty, or a cold drink on a hot day is a gesture your customers will remember.

And finally, touch.  Permit your shoppers the enjoyment of touching the merchandise that interests them.

The senses are a primary advantage you have over online retailers.  Online shoppers can only employ one sense in seeking out what they want online.  Deploying sensory marketing as part of your visual marketing strategy is key to your success as a traditional retailer.

Clip Strip Corp.

Since 1980, Clip Strip Corp. has been an innovator in designing, developing and manufacturing superior retail POP display supports.  When you’re tailoring your retail merchandising to set up your store for retail success, our products can make all the difference.

Retail success in within reach.  Contact us.  Push your store one step closer.

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