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Point Of Purchase Display Tips To Boost Retail Sales

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POP displays are vital marketing tools that when done creatively and uniquely, can inform customers, entice them to purchase a product, and ultimately boost sales. Point of purchase displays can also make a retail store look more impressive.

Here are some tips to execute POP displays well, making spaces in your store more dynamic and welcoming:

Show Something That Your Audience Can Relate To

This is through images of people or scenarios that are relevant to the profile of your target audience.

Whether it is for adults, teenagers, or kids, retailers should always incorporate something that they can identify with.

You can infuse it with a message that is also significant to them. This will set their mindset into a more favorable mood for you.

Set up Some Interactions

Interactive displays on retail stores are popular for the previous years up to now.

This continues because it gives people the opportunity to have engagement with the displays. The more they know about your products, the higher the chances that they will make a purchase.

If this is suitable for your brand and merchandise, then adding interactive elements to your display is necessary. Doing so gives people the opportunity to engage with the display itself so they can learn more about your products and be more encouraged to make a purchase.

Letting customers tap on the screen, share details about themselves, and be given product recommendations based on the shoppers’ input is a perfect example.

Use Educational POP Displays

Though POP displays are usually meant to sell and promote products, there are also times when you can use them to educate shoppers. This is suitable especially when you are showing multiple items in one display.

These various choices can be overwhelming for some customers, so you have to help them make the right choice. This is by showing displays along with educational and informative content.

Aside from basic product description, you can also put their uses, and specs. You can also put in brief manuals or tutorials, or fact sheets, which would be truly helpful for them to make wise decisions.

Show In-Store Demos

Let us use the GoPro as an example. You will see displays in their stores showing the camera being used while surfing.

By showing your audience the ideal use of your product through videos, you will be able to catch their attention. This requires intense effort and resources though.

This is on top of the fact that not all products can be demonstrated in-store. However, when talking about its benefits, rest assured that this is an effective one.

Allow Product Try-outs

You can use POP Displays let people know that they can test your products right there and then.

This makes people experience the actual feeling of using your product, thus, encouraging them to buy.

One good thing about this is you don’t have to worry much about the display. It can be as simple as “Try me” because what matters most is the product’s effect on people.

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