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THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Benefits of Unboxing

Raffy Wolfe Omnichannel, Pro Tips Leave a Comment

The way things have changed right now, crafting immersive and shareable experiences in stores are not as effective as they were years ago. Retailers should now shift their focus on product delivers to their customers’ homes.

Unboxing is a simple and branded packaging experience for customers. The unboxing experience begins when the package reaches the customer’s doorsteps. It benefits your business in so many different ways.

A unique unboxing experience results to an increase in loyal customers as well as new ones. Since packaging is an extension of your business, your unboxing game can make a beneficial change.

Learn the benefits below.

Strong Branding

Being able to show your brand story is essential to establishing your business. It is common sense that customers are likelier to buy from a brand they are familiar with.

Unboxing is a good opportunity for you to reinforce familiarity with your distinct logo, color and design. As long as you stand out among your competitors, this will register to the minds of the shopper. Therefore, it will be easier for them to recognize you.

Your brand also tells your story. Your recognizable and eye-catching visuals will be the key to establishing customer loyalty, trust and emotional connection.

Attractive to new customers

If you search ‘unboxing’ on YouTube and TikTok, you will have countless results with millions of views showing different brands.

This proved that there is no need to invest too much on putting up advertisements in the real world when you have the social media where a certain video can reach thousands or even millions of potential customers.

Another good thing about this is you don’t even have to pay all of your ‘brand ambassadors’ because with some visually attractive packaging, it will be irresistible for techy customers not to take a video of their unboxing and post it online.

This will prompt an increase in your reach. Consider it as free advertising with millions of audience.

Encourages customer loyalty

A memorable unboxing experience will motivate your customers to buy repeatedly and choose you over your rival businesses.

Studies show that majority of consumers are more likely to purchase again from the same online merchant when they have premium packaging. Just remember that the quality of product also matters.

Some brands even decided to put their personal touch on their packaging; some included personal handwritten notes with the parcels sent to shoppers. These are just some of the ways to increase loyal customers.

Boosts the perceived value

One of the best tips that you can incorporate in unboxing is how you can make customers feel like they got something more than what they paid for. What we mean by this is adding some cheap but stylish items, which they can use along with the product.

Some add-on ideas include stickers, postcards, magnets, keychains, bracelets, tote bags, or some stationary.  Putting these can even help you promote word-of-mouth recommendations.

Free samples of your other products can also help you boost sales because it can lead to cross sales. In addition, you are keeping your customers engaged with the freebies that are actually product recommendations for their possible next purchase.

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