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Popular Products to Sell in 2021

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Thinking about a new business idea in the time of a pandemic is an enormous challenge. It doubles if you are eyeing to sell something original and never before.

You might stand a chance if you look into popular items which are selling even during these tough times instead. Good thing you are in the right place because you don’t have to search anymore as we’ve listed five of the most trending items to sell this year.


An unprecedented percentage of the world’s population spent most of their time at home since the pandemic started. This explains why there is sudden increase in the sales of home decoration such as doormats.

Market studies showed that there is almost 300,000 online searches for different types of doormats monthly. This is primarily because of the comfort and convenience it brings to every home.

It explains the soaring demand on quality and stylish doormats which offers excellent durability compared to the usual rugs.

When selling doormats to non-commercial buyers, you should give more attention to aesthetics than function. This is what makes running ads on Facebook and Google more effective because using visuals and design, you can easily attract new buyers.

You can package doormats with other popular products to bring more traffic into your online store or you can partner with social media micro-influencers to drive more sales.

Household storage containers

Household storage containers are also record breaking when it comes to sales. This is also part of the work-from-home phenomena. Whereas people have more time organizing their items and clothing.

These containers also make good decors regardless if you put food or supplies in it. The monthly search for storage containers has reached close to 150,000. That makes it a good product to bring profit to your online business.

There is also bountiful supply of containers. This expands new product opportunities. You can choose from the variety of types, designs and composition depending on what you think will sell.

Using marketing posters showing how the container would look like in different home setups will help boost sales because you are already giving people the impression that the actual product looks good in your home.

Kitchen towels

Competition is high in this industry but you can also find lots of opportunities here. It started to observe significant growth back in 2020 and according to experts, it will continue as the years go by.

Cleaning towels like Wowables™ have many uses and offers maximum durability. That’s why many buyers are being enticed to using it.

Aside from cloth kitchen towels, more and more people are also choosing other types of towels such as crocheted and hand-knitted. This is because of their softness and absorbency.

This explains why upselling towels along with other kitchen tools and accessories is a good marketing strategy nowadays. It is on top of the fact that it is easy to market on social media because it is relevant and appealing to both younger and older audiences.

Interesting content such as videos is a key element in effective attracting buyers. You can also run gimmicks such as seasonal giveaways to promote new towels and bestsellers.

Bike saddles

An average of 30,000 searches montly is recorded for bike saddles. People leaning to alternative modes of transportation is the leading cause after the covid-19 pandemic caused major public transport shut downs.

In relation to biking, people are now opting to buy accessories to their bikes to make their trips more comfortable or stylish. If you look into top search results, terms such as comfortable bike saddles or mountain bike saddles are on the lead.

This means people are getting more detailed and attentive when it comes to what they use. This is your chance to market products which many are thinking of buying.

You can then target ads to customer groups depending on their preferred style. Creating videos that help cyclists is a big plus in convincing your target market to purchase your products.

Handheld device accessories

Mobile accessories such as Headphones, Portable Bluetooth speakers, and Selfie sticks are also super IN nowadays. Up to 50,000 searches monthly are being recorded worldwide. This gives lots of opportunities for sellers depending on the type of mobile devices being used.

Billions in profit is expected to be recorded until 2026 in relations with selling phone accessories. Therefore, promoting this kind of product is a smart move because you will be advertising to motivated buyers which are ready to make a purchase. All you have to do is persuade them to buy at your store.

Facebook advertising is also a good option, here you can target specific groups based on the design and features of your accessories. Sharing this on popular social media platforms or using the influence of popular internet personalities will boost your business even more.

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