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How Businesses Can Defy Physical Distancing and Make Communities Socially Close

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In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak where countless people around the world fell ill or died,
businesses barely survive. In fact, many have already closed or declared bankruptcy. But for some, the
fight is not yet over. Many businesses and individuals are still up for the challenge and are eager to make
it through this crisis.
While this tragic event is pushing others to shut down, some were being pushed out of their comfort
zones into new horizons. Their adjustments include migrating from offline to online in order for their
logistics to adapt and meet new sets of limitations.
Strengthening the use of a direct ‘seller-to-buyer’ business approach where distributors, resellers, and
retailers are no longer needed is needed now more than ever. Cutting the process on which a product
has to go through before it arrives to the hands of the customer, is not only convenient compared to just doing the common practice, applying business strategies that will encourage the community to take part on something is seen as more vital during these times.

Regardless whether it’s through a design making challenge or through utilization of social media to share stories, experiences, and even tips related to the business or their product, what’s important is that it serves the purpose of inspiring solidarity and promoting resilience. Businesses can also help relieve stress and ease worries of the people through appealing visuals, approachable storytelling, editorialized content, and many more.
Even during these rough times, sharing of knowledge and raising awareness is still as good and effective.
It is a plus for businesses to spare some time promoting not only history, heritage, and culture but also
personalities and even other business that are related to the industry they are working in. They can also
team up with other brand to offer complementary goods and services.
Businesses that bring hope and exists for a cause are always appreciated as well. Offering income,
health care, education, and a sense of community through their products and services. Also, among the
activities or campaigns that businesses can do are fundraisers and employing of people in need. Social
media can also be used to bring people together by allowing them to send in messages about their
experiences with physical distancing and encouraging them to be positive.
Building networks that will keep the conversations going is also what’s needed to give people hope
during this time. Remember that hope is what will give them hope to go on with their daily lives. This
means it is more likely for businesses to keep having customers if people are kept motivated and not
give up despite what’s going around the globe.
Seems like at this point in time, going online is the best path to take if you want to pursue your business.
But as we go farther away from one another due to physical distancing, we should still encourage
people to unite and become closer in mind and spirit.

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