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Point of Purchase Marketing and How It Attracts Impulse Buyers

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Point of sale or point of purchase marketing is an appeal to the impulsive buyer within people. It is
about strategically placing low-priced products near a store’s point of sale such as its cash registers or
any other location where transactions are completed. It is the final plea of retailers to their customers
for any additional purchases. These should be low-investment products as it is only a matter of seconds
for the shoppers to decide if they want to grab the item or not.
The POINT of POP marketing
Point of purchase displays capitalize on the fact that customers are more likely to make additional purchases when they are already decided to buy something less expensive. It takes advantage on the time that the customers are on the line to persuade by showcasing these low-cost items near the store’s checkout or point of sale.
A point of sale display is a great add up to the overall sales as it increases the total number of items
purchased by a customer. POS displays can also be used by retailers to promote other items such as
accessories which customers do not originally intend to buy.
It is also a space-utilization strategy that seeks to put attention to products that are not that popular to
customers. Products that must be sold as soon as possible or with promos such as buy 1 take 1 can also
be put best in these places.
Main Considerations for POP displays
To know what would work as an effective POP display, retailers must look into a product’s features,
location and design.
The features and the location where a POP display will be placed are connected and it should be though
of carefully. It would be best if POP displays are put beside its complementary products as it gives
customers an idea that it is needed so they will be more urged to buy it.
The design of the point of purchase display should also blend it to the overall store appearance. It is
ideal to base the concept of its design to something that appeals to the customer’s five senses.
It has to be very convincing given the fact that each customer only has an inch of a time to make the
decision and they don’t even know it (because they don’t intend to look at your POP displays at the first
place). That’s why retails should think carefully on how to make it an outstanding part of their overall
visual merchandising.
With an effective POP marketing strategy, the issues with a store’s limited space would be easier to
resolve because now the retailers will know how to utilize shelves and corners more. It is also a strong
shot at driving in more sales while there’s no need to annoy customers and shove products to their
faces. After all, sales people shouldn’t be seen as living pop up ads because in this case, any offer is just
going to be automatically turned down.

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