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Income Generating Hobbies that You Should Start to Monetize

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‘Anything worth doing is worth overdoing’ – Mick Jagger

When we look for a job or a source of income, many of us are torn between choosing what we love to do or what pays well. So those who are in dire need, are usually no choice but to set aside hobbies and interests for high paying professions. But, our hobbies which we commonly do for fun and pleasure can also offer significant financial gains. This is proven by an increasing number of people who found a steady source of income in doing these things they love to do.

Here’s a list of common profitable hobbies that you can do if you have what it takes.

  1. Gaming

Gaming and Streaming are so hot right now especially because everyone spends most of their time at home. Plus several huge games were recently released while more are coming so it adds up to the excitement.

There’s no denying that gaming is now one of the hobbies where you can make the most earnings. Just like on YouTube, you can monetize gaming either by sharing ad revenue or by getting one-time and subscription donations from a large community of viewers. This means the amount you earn through live streaming will vary greatly, but that it’s relatively easy to start at least making residual income.

For you to make some significant income, you have to develop exemplary gaming skills and popularity. It is important that you not only enjoy the game you are playing but it would also be better if you choose to stream a game you love, are good at it, and bring out your personality.

Due to the fast growth of the gaming industry, there are a lot of opportunities especially for avid gamers who understand the needs of the market. They can easily develop products and services that will sell to their fellow gamers or to developers and other clients that are involved in the industry.

  1. Photography

If you are good at taking photographs, regardless of whether using your phone or a digital camera, you would have several ways to earn good money from it. Combine it with some basic editing skills and boom! You’ll be a one-man team who will be ready for projects that could bring you some good fortune.

Aside from shooting at events and gigs as a freelance photographer, you can also make money from your shots by selling them as stock photos or prints. You can also use your skills to grow a massive Instagram following that you can monetize especially now that professional photography accounts are second-most lucrative on Instagram in terms of how much brands are willing to pay for a sponsored post. You don’t even need hundreds of thousands of followers to be qualified.

  1. Writing

Writing is a good hobby but publishing your works could help you build a career and establish yourself as an expert on certain topics. It could also bring in good income later. If you have a platform like a site where your crafts and ideas are visible, clients who would want to rent our your skills can easily see if you interest them and if you have a potential of working with them.  As a freelancer you can also reach out to blogs or talk with clients through referrals for paid gigs.  Another option for you is to create your own blog-based business by picking a niche and building an audience over time. This is good if you know how to write blog posts well.

Most of the time, our biggest break in business can be found on the things we tend do for fun and for free. We just have to know what we are good at or passionate about. Once you know what you want to do and how to do it excellently, you must then determine if it has a potential to be something more.

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