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Critical Things Specialty Retailers Must Do with Signage to Survive in the Amazon Era

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You’re a specialty retailer.  You have your market niche and perhaps some competition, but not enough to take you out – yet.

Signage is one of the most underrated sales tools you have at your disposal. Too often signage is used just to say, “I’m here”.  But that’s not enough in the Amazon Era.  The Amazon Era demands that retailers look critically at their sign strategies to ensure they do more than survive.

Intelligent sign strategies allow you to thrive.

This post details some critical things specialty retailers must do with signage to survive in the Amazon Era.  With online retail growing and traditional retail contracting, the strongest will survive.  And the strongest model some key behaviors that allow them to thrive will they’re doing it.  Let’s review!

Re-tooling your attitude.

Entrepreneurs can be a head strong lot.  They’re self-made and people who’ve created something from nothing can often believe they’re impervious to helpful critique.  This is especially true of in-store signage.

Truculent retailers will often say that their customers already know where to find them, so why bother?  They may say they can’t think of a way their signage could possibly be better than it is.  They already have in-store signage and a shingle out front.

And that’s the wrong attitude.

Looking at signage with new eyes that see it for the powerful marketing tool it is, can transform your retail outlet from good to great.  Isn’t that what everybody wants?

A sign strategy that’s helpful, suggestive and supportive is a winning one.  It supports your ability to increase sales by supporting your sales staff.  It suggests upsells and informs customers about your products in key ways.  It helps your customers find what they’re looking for and discover new products.

Specialty store.  Specialty signage.

You’re already distinct in the market as offering a line of specialty products.  Whether that’s locally sourced wine, or children’s shoes, your product stands apart.  That demands specialty signage.

Branding your signage by creating unique signs that aren’t like any in the market further distinguishes you.  People remember unique signs.  They remember seeing things which are out of the ordinary.

Everywhere you look, there are signs, so making yours stand out in a creative, branded way gets you noticed.  A children’s shoe shop with a sign in the shape of a shoe, for example, or a wine shop sign in the shape of an elegant glass, have more impact than a conventional type of sign.

Continuing the theme in-store is a given, when you’re creating specialty signage that’s unusual and arresting.  Every aspect of your signage should be branded, informational, directive and helpful to your shoppers.  That’s going to help you not only survive, but thrive in the Amazon Era.

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