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What to Make Great POP Displays and What’s in it for You

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Many people might think that products placed near the register (or any other point of purchase) are just
there with no particular reason. What’s not known to them is that it is actually a strategy to convince
them to buy additional items in the last minute.
Now you might be wondering, what products would pass as effective POS Displays? “Low-investment,
less expensive items” is the usual answer. But there’s more to POS Displays than just that. The space can
be utilized and retailers should carefully think about what product to promote here because this is their
last chance to cross-sell. Here are some strategies on how to have an effective POS display along with its
POP Display as a Kick-Off for New Items
New products or items with an unfamiliar brand are seldom appealing to consumers, but this doesn’t
mean you can’t do anything about it. In fact, you can show them off on a point of purchase display to
boost their presence and make buyers notice them quicker and easier. It is a good way to create balance
between these and those with other brands on the shelves so they can also be given a chance to
perform well.
POP as a Combo Bundles Promotion
Retailers can take advantage of products that complements one another through POP display as it can
instantly promote multi-packed products or those that are separated on display. It would be easier to
convince people who are buying a product to take the other knowing that they work well when used
hand-in-hand. It is also an effective way to increase the chance of securing additional sales by making
sure buyers won’t forget about the complementary product.
Since we already talked about combo bundles it is also worth to mention seasonal promotions which are
also a great example for maximizing the effectiveness of stand-alone displays. A retail stand-alone
display showing different items intended for a certain season can greatly impact consumer purchase
decisions, brand recognition and impulse buys.
Benefits of A POP Display
Impulse Buys – As customers go around the store with their grocery lists, stand-alone displays are there
to encourage impulse purchases. Not because they already though of what to buy doesn’t mean they
can’t make instant decisions anymore. As long as the targeted retail display is well-designed, showcased
products can still capture purchases from people who are on their way to checkout.
Enhanced Visibility – Putting products on a point-of-purchase display will not only make them easier for
repeat buyers to find them but it also boosts sales and performance by making items stand out from
other similar products that they are up against on the store shelf.
Emphasis on Products – A stand-alone POP display means there’s more space to mention the benefits of
a product, explain its uses, and highlight the need to buy it. The sides of the display can be utilized and
additional signage can be put up to emphasize the product and its brand while raising the chances of

Great help in easing the burden of in-store staff – Installing POP Displays is ideal for busy retail stores
with limited number of staff as it can stand on its own and put interest on a product without the need
for a sales person to talk customers into buying it. As long as they are informative and easy to use, rest
assured that they will work even on their own.

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