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Bringing the In-Store Shopping Experience Online As Part Of The New Normal

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Amidst the ongoing global pandemic that has taken the us all into a storm, it’s safe to say that the world
will never be the same. All of us at some point will need to adjust due in order to survive this unseen
virus just waiting for its next victim. Some things will remain but a lot will change in the way we live
every day, the way we interact with other people when going out, and the way we buy for our needs
and wants.
Online shopping is an obvious choice if we are going to talk about safety. Due to physical distancing
regulations, going to brick-and-mortar shops is only advisable if you are buying necessities. But how
about the other things that shoppers want to take home? Should they just wait till all of this is over?
Some probably can. But not everyone can stop everything they do. So, for those who want to go back to
shopping new outfits, jewelries and other stuff, online stores are there to accommodate them.
But what can these online shops do to attract more buyers? Is it promos and discounts? Sure, maybe it
can catch the interest of a couple but this strategy is now too common and everyone’s doing it already.
So, not everyone will buy it. Instead, in order to make a significant result, brands must give their
audience personalized shopping experiences that will make it as though the customer is visiting the
store in person. This can mean having an easier time finding what they are looking for and being offered
things that match their interests.
To owners, this doesn’t mean you have to know each customer by face but more on learning about their
information and using it to develop your approach, your products, and your marketing campaigns to
make it distinct to each of them. This is why many store owners are now using quizzes, concierge
services, and other personalized experiences to improve loyalty, boost customer happiness, and reduce
Let’s take clothing businesses as example. One of the major problems of customers that leads to returns
is not being able to get their correct size or desired color. So, it is important for brands to help their
customers get the right fit in order to minimize returns. They can do this through quizzes composed of
questions about body shape and needs that will make their size recommendations more accurate for
their customers. But the use of size quizzes and custom size charts is not only for apparel brands but
also for other businesses offering products made in multiple sizes or fits.
Other businesses also brought personalized product recommendations into a whole new level using
digital reviews and quiz-type tools that collect customer opinion and information to create personalized
offers and custom-made product opportunities.
Aside from all these, we can also learn from those that took the initiative to launch online educational
campaigns to inform their customers more about their products and how it can be suitable to them
personally. They do not only inspire loyalty by showing much they care about their shoppers and how
the products will affect them but they also want to give them a deeper understanding about what they
are buying.
Personalizing customer experience is not only about a business that knows their customers and their
needs but a brand that sees each customers as unique and assures that everyone will find an efficient
use for their products amidst their differences.

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