Using Digital signage to Keep People Connected and Informed in the time of a Pandemic

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In these trying times, where COVID-19 is spreading across different countries around the world and people are locked inside their homes by online digital signage and software can do a lot more than just promote brands and products. As investors and consumers panic over the disastrous and deadly effects of this virus, it is a good way for it to be used to enlighten and bring people closer together (though not literally). Read below for a further explanation on the importance of digital signages nowadays:

To Connect

Included on the list of establishments that were forced to shut down are schools. Though this is understandable as it is a way to prevent the further spread of the contagious disease caused by the coronavirus, we still can’t help but be sad because this means regular classes will be indefinitely stopped and the learning of students will be compromised. But with the help of educational digital signage companies, school won’t have to completely stop their operations. Instead, teachers and students can stay on their respective homes and schedule learning sessions and discussions through video calls and other platforms. There are lots of free software that can be optimized by schools for the benefit of their students including those who are struggling to have access to distance learning. This proves that we may have been caught off-guard by this pandemic, but this doesn’t mean we cannot cope with it before eventually overcoming it.

Use of digital tools has also become essential for the business sector especially due to the worldwide travel restrictions which prevents physical meetings from happening. So, it is important that companies are thinking of ways such as the use of technology to do business and continue communicating with their clients, partners, as well as their other stakeholders.

To Inform

Being knowledgeable about what’s happening not only in your own country but also around the world is important now more than ever. That’s why digital signage is playing a vital role in helping provide public safety information that will make people aware on how to protect themselves from the infection.

Digital signage when used to share important health and safety information will help save lives of employees and customers. It can be as simple as installing displays that sends out reminders about washing of hands or using hand sanitizer when inside a building. This way, employees will never forget practicing that important safety measure even while doing their jobs as usual.

On an outdoor setup, displays can be placed to provide health tips such as the recommended duration of hand-washing and other time-sensitive information about business closings.

A combination of providing good information and creating a positive and bonding customer experience should be the main priority for the use of digital signage during times of crisis. Not only will they help people to cope but also to encourage and prepare them to move forward once everything is over.

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