The Impact of On-The-Box Branding and Advertising on Customer Experience

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It has been a common practice for many e-commerce businesses to sell ad space inside their shipping boxes. But only a few of them see printing outside the boxes as another opportunity. But major brands that uses this strategy prove that it can do something not only for their customers but for other retailers and organizations. Here we will discuss the wonders of branding shipping boxes and how it can be used by businesses not only to market but also to promote, send a message and most importantly, to create an experience like no other:


It is wise for a business to employ an omnichannel strategy, as it helps a lot in spreading a message to your target market quickly. But aside from your website, social media and billboard, messaging can also be done through shipping boxes. It is a good way to reach out to customers as it gives a more personal feeling. So somehow it creates a stronger bond. Plus, if you really want the message to be received by the customers, this could be a good idea because through the box, your particular customer can have a physical interaction with the message you sent them. So instead of using the box as a way to protect the product, then why not use it as a travelling advertising device which can help you communicate not only to the exact person you sent the box to, but also to others who will see it.


Cross promotion is also another exciting use of branding your boxes. It opens up an opportunity for you to tie up partnerships with other businesses that are offering products and services related to yours. Through your boxes you can boost your sales by promoting one another and your products. It will result to a shared integrity which is beneficial if both of you are good businesses and you wanted customers to trust you more. Even though they only know one of the brands, as long as their trust to that brand is solid, there is an increased chance that they will trust and become interested to the other company more easily.


Using of on-box branding is not only for advertising and marketing. It is also be used along with customer data to share information that are relevant, creative and educational.

Depending on the nature of your business and products, you can either send recipes, tips, directions or facts that will add excitement or draw curiosity to your products.

It can also be used to promote charities or show support for campaign, whereas, can use this opportunity to donate unused space on your boxes to non-profit organization that you support.

Being able to appropriately and effectively use this strategy can lead you to stand out from your competitors, especially brands that ship their products inside plain boxes.


You can go on this even further by supporting the trend of unboxing video popularized by influencers and vloggers. Give them a packaging that sparks curiosity and draws attention instead of sticking to the plain brown box which is now too boring. With visually appealing boxes and impressive, high quality products, there will be a momentum of hyped interest and memorable experience that will make you unforgettable to your customers. You can even use technology to mimic other materials and make your packaging a bit more extraordinary.

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