The Benefits of Licensing and Localizing Your Brand Abroad

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Expanding the business overseas has been a common process undergone by successful brands. It opens more opportunities and helps you prosper more. However, going to a new country means you have to deal with a new environment, new regulations like labeling requirements, and new challenges such as shipping costs and product expiration.

All of these combined can make it overwhelming to run your business when it is based on one country while selling internationally. In this case, localizing will be your remaining favorable option.

Here are the pros of pushing a licensing deal instead of opening up a start-up business.

Obviously, you won’t have to start from scratch – That’s right, since the brand that you are licensing is already established, you already have the brand equity, the brand recognition, as well as the social media accounts such as Facebook page, Instagram page. You are also backed by links that are already displayed on marketplaces and third-party review sites. You can still create a different website but by using the same brand, you will be entitled by all these benefits since you are just licensing a different brand. Though who haven’t seen you yet will be impressed when they look you up since you already have an identity online that has been going for been years. Your integrity will also be built instantly with the help of existing phenomenal reviews.

 You don’t have to worry looking for your own formula – No need to experiment on concept, designs, recipes, and ingredients to keep you afloat because the product designs and formula will be shared to you. This is great since what you are selling is already tried and tested. So you don’t have to run your business blindly.

You can have a strong online marketing – Having a unique website is a must, but if you license, you can get most of the ideas on the original company’s online platform. As long as it is covered by your business deal, then almost all types of marketing materials can be shared to you by your licensor. Just make sure you will also put some revisions in case you are planning to build up your own local identity.

The support of your Licensor – In case you have concerns regarding the brand, the business, and the customers, it is expected that your licensor will support you along the way. Instead of starting up a new business and taking it all by yourself, in this case you can use the experiences of the licensing brand to learn how you can succeed.

Licensing will give you a head start within the industry that you want to enter; all you have to do is integrate all your knowledge regarding the local environment, look for local suppliers where you can get all that you need with your products, and most importantly, make good relationship with the customers and distributors by giving them favorable deals and exciting promos.


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