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Powerful Point of Purchase Displays

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Point of purchase displays are placed strategically within the store so customers would engage on the products.

POP displays are usually separated from the standard aisle shelf, so products will be effectively inserted into the customer’s path through the store.

The purpose of point of purchase marketing is to help boost the sales of your product in the store, through displays or whatever materials you put along with your product.

Effective point of purchase displays have many benefits for your business. It can help both retailers and buyers to patronize and be loyal to your brand.

Point of purchase displays have shown up to 20 percent to increase sales. Here is how it works:

POP Displays Catch Customers’ Eye and Interest

Most shoppers enter a store with a couple of things already in their mind. So most likely they’ll skim and skip through everything else while searching for what those things.

Everything else is ignored no matter how attractive and appealing they are. Not unless you give them a little push through bigger promotional materials or displays.

This makes your product more noticeable for the buyers. Check out Clip Strip’s Poster Frame Display Stand. This floor banner stand holds posters 22″ wide x 28″ high (up to ¼” thick) so rest assured that everyone who passes by it will be given a peek of what you are trying to sell. It is built simply yet durable with its powder-coated steel composition. It has a black powder-coat or chrome finish and its height is intended to offer maximum visibility.

POP Displays Compliments Your Packaging

Let us say you have a very interesting product, and you want as many people to know about it as possible.

However, the problem is you can’t put everything about it on its small label or packaging. But don’t let this stop you.

By putting an additional POP Display such as Clip strip’s Mobile Tri-Way Ceiling Sign Hanging Kit, customers will be able to see the product and know the interesting things about it at the same time!
As you can observe on its design, it actually moves 360% so customers passing by or looking around won’t miss it.

Its functionality is not only to target large quantities of customers within the store but it also ensure that the promotional material is visible regardless the position of the shoppers.

POP Displays can help Customers Locate Your Products

Point of Purchase Displays, which often come in the form of attachments or freestanding accessories, can be associated with the products so shoppers can easily locate them within your store.

Check out Clip Strip’s Brand Merchandising Strip where products can be either hooked or clipped so you can save shelf space while maximizing the marketing of your products.

This is very convenient for customers because with this attachment, small products can be placed into areas that are obvious and very easy to access.

We also have the Roto POP Clip; a rotating clip-on sign holder that you can attach to various types of surfaces or fixtures.

You can put it on shelves, frames, and even on actual products such as bottles and handles. It is very easy to spot and it is flexible to face and show its label on different angles.

No need for customers to find someone to ask about your products because you can insert brief information on the Roto Clip.

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