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Retail Lighting: Tips to Encourage Sales Through Lights

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There are a bunch of questions to be answered when you try to work on the setting of your retail store. Perhaps, you are asking the following questions:

How should I display my products?

Where should I put a certain product?

How should my store look like? The ambiance?

Of course, there are a lot more questions to consider. And one of which is about lighting design. Many retailers are leaving this factor behind not knowing that retail lighting can provide much more than simple ambiance and can also impact their sales and customer experience.

A study conducted by Lux states that in-store lighting can be a guide for a customer while roaming around your store and increases the average spend per customer.

“Zumtobel claims a fashion retailer in Germany saw its sales go up by around 12% compared to another local store after it installed a new lighting scheme specially designed to appeal to the personality profile of its target customers.”

Thus, retailers should invest and lend some attention to leveraging their lighting design to bolster their bottom line. And to help you with that, here are 2 simple steps to work on:

Step 1: Discover Your Fixtures

One of the good ways to produce an atmosphere with a strategic lighting is through utilizing the light fixtures. Perhaps, you might want to make a choice among vintage fixtures, chandeliers, or dome lighting if you want to create a more intimate feel. On the other hand, if you want to create more of a professional atmosphere, you can use recess, track lighting, or suspended fixtures.

Maximize your store’s space through breaking up with a mixture of light fixtures in various parts of which; take, for example, the entrance and the changing rooms. However, whatever the fixtures you select, you should always align your lighting strategy with your brand identity.

Step 2: Select a Lighting Temperature

The lighting temperature is an effective scheme to create an inviting atmosphere. Whether you use a warm or cool temperature of lighting, there are inevitable benefits through utilizing such.

“Cool color temperatures such as cool white make areas appear more spacious whereas warm color temperatures create an impression of smallness and familiarity,” Lux says.

Thus, if your store is a small one and you want to make it look a bit larger, try to use cool lighting. On the other hand, if you want to actually impress a sense of familiarity or nostalgia to your customers, perhaps, you must consider using warmer-toned lighting.

In addition to that, here are some types of retail lighting that might actually help you to set us your store’s lighting designs:

Ambient lighting: This is mainly the “overall lighting concept.” It creates the most of the store’s atmosphere and has the largest impact. Take, for example, if you placed a large light fixture at the middle of your store, perhaps, this would be your ambient lighting within the space.

Accent lighting: This is the “spotlight” type of lighting. Accent lighting permits storefronts to highlight and divert customers’ attention to certain products. This scheme is commonly used in luxury stores.

High-activity lighting: On the contrary with the traditional lighting concepts that get stores into dark corners and shadowy spots, this kind of lighting focuses on lighting up the entire area with bright lights to actually eradicate the probability that customers would miss a chance to see all your products on display.

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