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Product Packaging: How to Design Every Element of Your Unboxing Experience

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In today’s trend of “instagrammable” stuff where people share about the products, they bought through unboxing videos, shedding some uniqueness on your product packaging would be a great help for you to gain extra marketing mileage.

Hence, if you are looking for tips on how to create good product packaging for your product, then you’re reading the perfect article as we are giving you ways to work on your packaging. Here are 5 easy steps you might want to consider that would guide you from creating materials for your brand all the way through the shipping process.

Step 1. Understand Your Brand

If you are at the point that your brand is already well-developed, then this first step is inside the basket. However, if you are still at the point that you’re not yet settled on a firm brand identity that takes account of a logo and color palette, of course, it is vital for you to start off with choosing the right and relevant direction before you actually invest in product packaging.

Step 2. Understand Your Customer

Considering that you now have your brand firm in its place, it is time to see how your brand identity is interconnected with your product’s packaging. Your target market will significantly influence the kind of experience your client will anticipate receipt of your item for consumption.

Take, for example, Amazon customers are looking forward to a not-so-complicated type of packaging. Also, they prefer the well-priced product to be delivered quickly, safe and sound.

On that matter, Amazon responds by surrounding the product with protective packaging like bubble wrap, and place it in a plain cardboard box with Amazon’s name and logo printed on it. Well, that’s basically the simplest form of packaging.

Perhaps, if you are thinking of following what Amazon do to their products when shipping, you can also add more personalized touches to it to make your packaging more distinctive to your brand. However, you have to make sure that all the things you’d be doing would still be in line with what your customers are expecting from your end.

Step 3. Understand what You Need

Well, in general, the essentials you will be needing to actually set up your packaging are as follows:

  • OUTER BOX/ENVELOPE: This is to keep your product secured within the shipping process.
  • A LABEL/TAPE: This is to keep the package locked during shipping.
  • PROTECTIVE ELEMENTS INSIDE THE BOX: This is to keep your product in place while shipping (e.g. bubble wrap)
  • DELICATE WRAPPING OPTION: This is to wrap your product inside of the main box. (e.g. Tissue)
  • A STICKER/TWINE: This is to keep the tissue paper in place.
  • ANY ADDITIONAL INSERTS: This is to actually bring another item into your packaging experience. (e.g. brand’s card, thank-you note, etc.)

Step 4. Understand Your Budget

Wanting your packaging to look professional doesn’t mean that you have to be all out—especially when it comes to your finances. Well, basically, the customized packaging is expensive and usually requires bulk orders.

Thus, in line with that, you have to be keen in deciding if this investment is worth it for your brand.  If you can see that it is not that applicable to your brand’s current situation—like if you’re just starting off with your business—it is better if you’d just get some standard packaging online and then have it customized through personalized labels or other elements that impress your brand’s personal touch.

Step 5. Get Inspired

The last thing you might have to do is to get yourself inspired. There are a lot of ways to be inspired. Perhaps, you can choose the side where challenges push you to your limits and get yourself inspired to surpass them all.

Here, you can do a little research regarding the current situation of your brand in the industry, what your competitors are currently doing, and the like. These information can actually motivate you to think about various schemes and strategies to stand out above all.

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