Five Big Data Tools To Fit Into Your Store

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There’s a growing quantity of statistics accessible with regard to shoppers and their buying behaviors. Starting with product research, to purchases, then to pick up, shoppers are working together with your products online—and even in your store—while utilizing technology to make more well-versed choices.

And as retail rivalries continually arise, innovative retailers are searching for various schemes to hit into big data and analytics in order to connect with their shoppers in good ways they never had before. Not to mention, 62% percent of retailers report that the usage of data and analytics give their businesses a competitive advantage.

Well, it might be, at first look, a vast task, but worry no more! Perhaps, if you’re wondering if there are tools you can actually use to help you gather, analyze, and understand how to apply big data to lend a hand for your business to grow, you are reading the right article.

Thus, to give you some, here is a list of 5 of our more recommended tools to help you maximize big data to empower your customers and ultimately boost your business.


As per their website, they’ve got an outstanding team of data scientists, developers, technological leaders and academics who all work for the same goal: to help people learn from their data. They empower businesses of all sizes, technical and non-technical users alike, to explore, visualize and communicate their information.

There, you can simply build your own dashboard through the use of their retail template and dig deep into customer patterns. The platform also gives ease for users to actually share their dashboard and reports.

Google Analytics Solutions

Google has a whole family of products that can assist you to have a better comprehension of your customer insights—and how to apply it. Implement market research with Surveys 360, collect website and app metrics with Google Analytics, and utilize them to produce modified proficiencies for your market with Google Optimize.

Canopy Labs

Canopy Labs is a software that helps businesses track, optimize, and personalize their customer journeys. They’re a predictive analytics software company bent on revolutionizing customer experiences.

They generate information that would communicate to you what your customers did, and what they might be doing in the future. Here, you may get handle better your customers’ journey, create considerate product endorsements, practice analytical technology to prompt email marketing campaigns, and spontaneously segment customers and spot potential churn risks.


Tranzlogic is a good tool to “level the playing field” for every business by providing the customer insights, solutions and tools that are needed to make highly effective, data-driven decisions.  It is also a turnkey program that has affiliated with retailers and payment systems to offer you with information such as the age, location, income, preferences, and hobbies of your market. Also, one of the good things here is that getting into the data necessitates no installation or authorization from your customers.


Beaconstac’s goal is to connect the digital and physical worlds through the use of innovative technology.

If you want to increase your visibility into shopper behavior like regular visit period and engagement level and measure the success of proximity marketing campaigns with ideal technology. It also makes it easy to kick off by merely selecting a kit extending from three to nine beacons and then picking a plan that suits your needs.



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