Chatbots and Retail: How are they Relevant to Each Other?

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With the fast-paced evolution of technology, businesses are having struggles remaining on top of it to strengthen up their bottom line. And because there seems to be new technology being established each day, it can be a hard stuff to choose what your retail business should hold or not.

Executing new tech also necessitates money and resources. Thus, you have to be certain that what you would do is worth the investment: this is the position retailers may discovery themselves in when having thoughts about chatbots. Considering all the chatter in the industry with regards to conversational commerce, some retailers are also wondering if they must invest on these automated bots that would automatically take customer queries, give customer service, and potentially upsell to shoppers.

Of course, there are lots of conversations in the past about chatbots. But let us just dig deeper into what really chatbots are, how they work, and if they are perfect for your business.

Chatbots? What are they?

Chatbots are specially programmed robots that interact with customers and simulate human conversation through artificial intelligence (AI). Chatbots Magazine describes them as: “A chance to get in contact with your clients is a significant way for your business to grow. Chatbots help to handle interactions with customers for e-commerce companies and simulate the shopping that buyers get in a retail store.”

As an alternative of having your customers answer forms to get assistance, or choose from a pull-down menu when selecting products, chatbots can support customers and provide them the sense that they’ are actually working together with a helpful retail associate.

As of now, there are lots of messaging bots can by now be experienced in proprietary retail apps—such as Subway or FreshDirect—and even when you send a message to a branded Facebook Business Pages. Not to mention, Facebook later confirmed that customers have already created 33,000 chatbots for its Messenger app to date.

Chatbots? What are its benefits?

Consistent Customer Service

Chatbots provides retailers a great way to actually strengthen their brand when they’re personalized to give the same kind of customer service that shoppers are expecting from their brand—be it in-store or online. Also, bots allow brands to give cohesive and consistent customer service since the chatbot replies are well-ordered.

Lower Costs

On top of acting as functioning as an irreplaceable marketing strategy, Chatbot Magazine states that: “People prefer to receive information about the brands while they’re shopping, and chatbot seems as product or service description and FAQ. A chatbot is an interactive and engaging way to cut down the shopping time and a possibility to free up you from searching customer support manager. It allows you to enhance your ROI, keeping your costs low.”

Rapid Responses

Holding up your customers by your site by means of replying immediately to their questions pull down the probability that those users will exit from your site to see a competitor and try to find out an answer to their inquiry—thus growing the generation and amount of sales on-site.


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