Why Retailers’ Customer Surveys Become Irritating For Consumers

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Customer surveys can be very useful for retailers. This is one way of gathering feedback, complaints, recommendations and suggestions from their target market. Somehow, they can also study and analyze the behavior as well as the preferences of these customers through these surveys which help them plan a marketing strategy that will boost up their sales.

How they wish it is as easy as that. But we all know that surveys are considered as the public’s enemy. Given that it irritates most people because they think that it’s very hassle and time consuming, it is now very difficult for retailers to please the customers to take part of it.

It’s a wonder why no matter how retailers try to use the best of their rhetoric with their surveys; still, customers exhibit the same attitude towards it. They hate it, period!

Some try so hard that they even use baits such as rewards or promos just for the sake of being noticed and answered by customers. But the big question is, what’s with customer surveys and why these are being hated and ignored most of the time by customers?

Well, if we look deeper into it, the answer would be obvious. Retailers tend to overdo their surveys making them too looooong! Knowing people nowadays, who would want to spend a bunch of time reading long paragraphs and answering questionnaires?

That’s right. Who said anyway that surveys should be too wordy composed of too many irrelevant sentences. So, to help out retailers out there, here are some tips that they should keep in mind.

If you want to ask something to your customers, better go straight to the point. Well, it’s okay to put some tone into it to not make bore them (which is also a reason why they hate surveys) but making it too wordy may spoil everything and confuse them instead.

On the other hand, some businesses make surveys similar to ads that pops up randomly on the screen which is yet again, another wrong strategy simply because people HATE and ARE IRRITATED by pop ads.

Surveys are just like your products. You don’t force or shove it to your customers where in fact, you could make it interesting and fun to participate in. Also, making it simple and direct to the point will make it less boring and it would be easier for the customers to comprehend.

You also have to consider that this is not your customer’s priority. People especially the younger generation have a lot of things to do over the net. So, don’t take too much of their time and make it worthwhile. Gather the details and let them provide answers you need only within a few seconds or just less than a minute.

End by saying thank you! Make them feel that you are grateful for their effort and time. Thank them for contributing and helping you. This way they would be pleased knowing that they have done a favor for someone which can be associated with the thought that you might give them something in return.

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