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WE ARE OPEN: How to Motivate Customers to Buy

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The most challenging part of business more than its costs is how to keep customers from going in and purchasing from your store. Because simply having something to sell is not enough. There is a need to consistently encourage and motivate shoppers to be interested so that they will behave in a way that will make them go out with your items in their hand and their money on your cash register.

Every time we hear the word ‘traffic’ the first image that comes up our mind is the stressing overcrowded busy roads with honking all around and people belting on top of their lungs as if they were like doing a war cry. But for retailers there is some kind of traffic that they will love to tolerate and even encourage. No, they won’t let cars line up to their stores and drivers wage war as they find their way out. What where are talking about is the concept of ‘foot traffic which is a key factor for any successful brick-and-mortar location.

But the thing is, you are not the only one that aims to be on top. There are competitors who are as eager as you are to catch the attention of the costumers and have them buying from their store. So, how would you stand out?

Many experienced businessmen in the industry shed sweat and blood just to make their company stand a chance. It was a tough battle for them and it has caused them painful amounts before they finally found the secret. Now, if you can’t afford to start from scratch then fear not because in this article, we have listed some of the tips and tricks that you need to do to make sure customers will keep on going into your store and spend for your products. Here are some:

Inviting Store Front

This is what represents the entirety of your shop. If shoppers find this boring, they might not consider going inside. So think of a design that will catch their interest.

Promos and Discounts

Being able to provide promos and discounts to your customers is what will give you an edge against your competitors. However, they could also easily come up with their own version of this. So make sure you give your customer a deal that they can’t reject.

Neat and well-organized store

A clean surrounding is a major turn-on for your shoppers. Making sure you have a clean environment at your shop will make them happy to buy and to come again.

Welcoming and friendly staff

Everybody hates a rude store staff. It can be a reason for the customers to not come back again. So remind your staff to smile and be kind even at bad times.

Rewards system

Finally, establish a reward system that will give your customers points at every purchase. This is what will greatly encourage them to come back and buy over and over again.

Now, these won’t be effective without proper management and handling. Your wise decision making and strategic skills is the real key for you to benefit from these tips.

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