Understanding The Effective Use of POP (Point-of-Purchase) Display In Retail

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In business, there are times that sometimes are not known even to owners themselves.  Some of these are not just terms but are strategies that can be used to draw more revenue. That’s why it’s a must to widen and enrich their knowledge once in a while to keep up with the trends going around in the retail industry. One of these is the Point-of-Purchase displaying which may be done by many businesses already but is still unfamiliar to some which also makes them miss the benefits of it.

First of all, A POP display is used to highlight and draw the customer’s attention to particular products.  Now it will all make sense why there are signs and particular products placed on random places such as near the cashier. POP displays vary in size but aims to serve similar purpose just through different ways.

Before (and up until now,) POP displays are commonly placed on the side of the cash registers. Commonly you will see bar of candies, chocolate, magazines and others which can easily be grabbed and included on your cart. It is seen to be effective as it adds additional purchases by the last minute, though some had mistaken it as a place where they can put excess or unnecessary products.

But now, businesses discovered some other strategic positions to place it within the store which can also serve the same ideal result. Other types of POP include what is called the “store within a store” where a vendor places a section in the retail store that sets its merchandise apart from the rest. Meanwhile the signage type which is considered as the most powerful and effective due to studies showing that how it outperforms displays without signs by drawing higher sales.

What makes this more amazing is how regular priced merchandise (not on sale) gathered higher sales than products which are on sale or clearance priced merchandise when it was signed while the sale items were not. This shows the important and critical role of signs as a POP display to draw attention to the items which prompts customers to buy the items they have noticed. Signs can be made as hanging displays or posters. Just make sure the signage is not blocking anything or serves as a hindrance to the customer, and then they’ll be effective in draw attention of the shoppers to a new product, or one that’s on sale, as well as seasonal items. Think of signage as a non-speaking salesperson which can keep a customer occupied and interested while inside the store even when everyone around is busy including the actual salespeople who cannot cater all of them at that time.

Know that most of the retail purchases aren’t decided until the customer actually is in the store, so it’s clear that even the positioning of your shelves and products have meaning and impact to your business in general. So, by deploying POP displays effectively, you can make a store environment where customers coming inside would be motivated to purchase.

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