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How to Get Retail Shoppers to Make Unexpected Purchases In Your Store

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Most of us believe that retailers are in the business of giving people what they want.  While that’s true to a degree, retail outlets also offer something altogether more lyrical – desire.

Desire is that special place just beyond need or want.  People will always purchase what they need, but when the mood strikes them, their desires take flight and they buy things to fulfill those desires.  The trick is in anticipating consumer desire in a way that compels unexpected purchases.

How to get shoppers to make unexpected purchases in your store is where retailers need to go – beyond what’s needed or even wanted.  In this post, we’re going to review some smarts ways to address shopper desire over need.

The delight factor.

Shoppers come in three distinct varieties.  The first is the efficient shopper.  They want to get in there and get out with what they came for as quickly as possible.  This shopper is on a mission.  The second type may be somewhat focused, but isn’t entirely opposed to an unplanned purchase.  The third type (and the shopper you’re most interested in) actively seeks the delight factor in the consumer journey.

It’s this third variety of shopper who’s looking to be delighted when out in the commercial world.  They want to be surprised by new purchasing opportunities which speak to their desires.  They want to be delighted by encounters with products they can’t go home without.

Beyond the mundane.

Daily reality is mundane and so the retail experience has, until recently, played to that.  People increasingly want their consumer experiences to offer something beyond the every day.  How to get shoppers to make unexpected purchases in your store entails going on a mission to transcend the mundane.

Thinking outside the retail box is a matter of breaking with old strategies.  Placing all the women’s dresses together in one place grouped by size may make sense, but does that transcend the mundane?


Go ahead.  Break the mold.  Group items whimsically, creating opportunities for consumers to see that dress with those shoes, or that jacket.  The dress purchase may well become a footwear/jacket purchase.

Tweak your displays is a savvy way to encourage consumers to make unexpected purchases.  Draw attention to items you want your customers to know about by assembling creative displays which speak to their desires.  The sky’s the limit when you let your imagination meet your customers where they stand.

Make it fun.

Your customers enjoy a whole new level of experience with demonstrations, workshops on to use products (cameras, phones, computers), or impromptu fashion shows.  Hold a pop-up fashion show with your sales floor staff as the models, surprising customers with an interactive experience and a new way of seeing what’s in store.

Offer something memorable.  This introduces the crucial element of delight which drives unexpected purchases.

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