POP Marketing and Design Influence Shopper Behaviour

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Point-of-purchase (PoP) marketing is proven to be an effective strategy in marketing as it delivers brand and marketing messages to a brand’s target customers at the point of purchase either online or in a retail store using colour, logo, patterns, tagline.


In-store and retail PoP marketing has most to do with quick purchases while digital PoP is focused on clicks and awareness which is vital to a company’s success. Regardless of platform used, its main goal is to market to shoppers who are already on the site and ready to make a purchase. Using this strategy, you invest on bringing out experiences and making your customers live it. This means making your shoppers have a sensorial connection to a brand through touch, taste or even smell.

Whether you do it online or in your store, you will be required to customize either your website or your store’s interior. This is to make each part of it as a marketing and advertising tool to boost your sales. Compared to traditional form of selling, it is not only about capturing the customer’s attention but standing out from your competitors meaning you have to use your resources and domain to influence the decision-making of your shoppers.

One of the trends today is about making honest origin stories of the brand instilled on the display or in the promotions and positioned somewhere the customers can easily see. It is about telling a story to establish your brand through messages that customers will encounter on their trip across your shop or your sites.

The possibilities that you can do with PoP marketing is limitless. There is right or wrong format; only effective and ineffective ones. It also differs on the nature of your brand, or the products or services that you offer. But it could go as wide as your imagination can reach.


To be effective, a business must know how a shopper thinks and must be able to inject their messages on their experiences making them know the brand more and making them realize the need of buying an additional product even at the last minute. It’s up to you whether you do this through words, images or a combination of both.

Another thing that makes PoP effective in marketing is when you give customers simple surprises such as free shipping, promos or discount at the checkout of your brick-and-mortar shop. You can also use connecting tools such as a review or rating system which makes them express their sentiments about your service and products which can be used to entice other shoppers.


While doing all of this, what you must do is to gather data and information from your customers in the form of paper and online forms which can give you knowledge of their buying behaviour and habits. You can then use this information to suggest purchases during checkout that are tailored towards that consumer and whatever purchase they are making.


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