How to make promotional ideas effective in supermarkets

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It’s not always obvious how promotional concepts apply to various commercial venues – like supermarkets.  But they do and there are some key ways you can apply them in your supermarket.

How to make promotional ideas effective in supermarkets is a matter of thinking strategically.  Many consumers who try promotional items come to buy them faithfully.  Impulse purchases lead to brand loyalty more frequently than many believe.

Getting outside the zone.

Taking promotions outside the supermarket sections in which the product involved is usually found invites consumers who don’t habitually enter that section to the party.

Because you’re targeting consumers who don’t normally go into the bakery area, or the cereal aisle, your more likely to encounter shoppers new to the product you’re promoting.  That means enhanced sales, external to the area the product is usually sited.

Highlighting versatility.

A cracker is much more than a conveyance for cheese.  It’s the basis for a light appetizer or dips, too.

Showing your shoppers how the item you’re promoting can do more than one thing creates conditions for them to purchase more frequently.  That’s the lifeblood of grocery brands and additional revenue for your supermarket.

Highlighting product versatility turns on the light bulb hovering over the head of every brand loyalist, inviting them to use and purchase it more often.


Give promoted products a marketing boost with twofer offers.  While the price point of the promotion may be the same as it usually is, your supermarket is much more likely to move a higher volume when stating that price point differently.  For example, “$2.00 each” becomes “two for $4.00”.

The magic is in the promotional wording, with consumers more likely to buy two of the product at the same price point when the wording is tweaked to reflect value.

Go big.

A big, colorful display is one of the simplest ways to attract the attention of your shoppers to the promotion.  The display colors should reflect packaging and branding, echoing and enhancing it.

The saying “go big or go home” applies here.  Shoppers are more likely to stop, look and then, buy when you follow this simple principle.

Brand-matching promotions.

Bread and butter.  Peanut butter and jelly.  They go together.  With that idea in mind, your promotions will see greater success when they pair a free offer with a “twofer” (as described above).  In the case of bread, your brand match may be premium, organic butter.  For peanut butter, an exotic jelly.

Compelling the shopper to purchase multiples then moves them toward a matching brand they might not normally think about buying.

Creativity and cooperation with vendors make the world of supermarket retail go around.  These 5 tips are tried and true strategies, capable of increasing market penetration and revenues by deploying them to draw consumers toward them.

Clip Strip Corp. brings your supermarket the very best in POP display supports.  Enhance these 5 tips to make promotional ideas effective in supermarkets with professional retail display products that bring consistency to your in-store promotional efforts.

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