How to Change Consumers Perspective on Marketing Surveys

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The term marketing research might sound important to business owners and managers but it can be a boring jargon for customers. For them, it is just about a barrage of unnecessary emails and notifications that they don’t want to open because they know that when they do, they will just be confronted by technical questions.

This is what businesses must change because market research is mandatory. So, they can’t do anything to set it aside without compromising their business. But, they can make people change their outlook and instead be willing to lend their time on it. Here are two major tips on how to do it:

Change your ways

Maybe, it’s not the emailed survey that’s wrong at all. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s ‘emailed’ which is what people find boring and intimidating because we all know that email is usually more formal and business-like. So they automatically feel that it’s boring when they receive it outside of work. But, what if it’s other messaging platforms? Isn’t it more efficient and lighter to take? Correct. As we know it, messaging and social media apps are used to communicate with family and friend. This is also where they usually express their thoughts making it the perfect place to integrate and ask information.

Develop a better approach

It is proven by data that survey questions are being avoided by people because they are not comfortable with its usual robotic tone. This is why questions will be more welcome if you change it to mirror the qualities of human conversations. This is also how you would be able to get authentic feedback. Bt first, this will require you to improve your understanding on the prevalent chat culture and how you can provide the same experience in your engagement activities.

To be honest, market research still needs to go a long way before it can cope with the fast changing world. But, if business owners would now start to rethink research to re-examine the channels, technologies and tone, then there might be a chance. Progress, no matter how slow is still progress. So, there’s no reason not to be welcome it. Now, instead of imposing traditional ways of marketing, now business will relate to their market. It’s time for the industry to adjust and go to the different levels and points of life to meet with their customers who came from different generations and walks of life. Right now, what we need is to innovate and learn how to follow consumers’ lead because the industry’s future depends on it.



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