POP_FeatureImage_A Checklist to Success for Startup Brands

A Checklist to Success for Startup Brands

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Isn’t amazing how a brand name can easily influence people’s mind? People tend to buy one among two
similar products on the basis of the more popular brand name even if the quality is just the same. This
clearly shows that the brand affects how people decide what and where to buy because along with it are
the impressions of the people which dictates how they perceive the business.
They say the key to establishing a successful brand is consistency. But the reality is much more
complicated than just that. Here we will discuss some steps to building a successful brand.
Know your target market and your competitors
Getting to know who your potential customers are and how well your competitors are doing is a part of
understanding the situation of the current market where you will be running your business. It would
help a lot in your planning and decision-making.
To do this, you can try searching your product or service category in the internet and check if you can
see something about your direct and indirect competitors. You can also look at customers conversations
and product recommendations through subreddits. This way you can relate to them more and
understand what they think and feel.
It is also important that you talk to people from your target market to know what brands they currently
buy from. The social media can also help a lot in determining what your audience thinks. Take note that being able to source out the strengths and weaknesses of your competition from these sources can help you find your new company’s edge.
Build Your Brand Personality
Being sure about the focus and tone of your brand is one the things you need in building your brand
personality. Those two thinks will help you develop a message that you will send to your target audience
through your tagline. Your tagline can be formulated through a positioning statement that stake your
claim in the market.
Thinking of things and concepts that you can relate to your brand is also a part of building your brand
personality. This will help you relate to your target market and aid in sending the message you want to
give off. You can base these on the individual qualities you think they have in common with your brand.
Pick a Unique brand name
There’s so much more to a brand than just the name. What gives it meaning in the market is the
personality, actions, and reputation of the business. But the company’s name is one of the first things
that must be thought about and decided on by small business owners because other elements of the
business such as the logo, domain, marketing, and trademark registration depend on it. Ideally, owners
want a unique brand name but keeping it broad also works as it is a sign that you acknowledge
opportunities of widening the scope of your business.

Come up with a slogan and logo
A creative slogan is useful as a tagline on social media bios, website header, business card, and
anywhere else where only a few words are allowed to make a big impact. It should be kept brief,
appealing, and impressive. Meanwhile, a company logo design is the face of your company and it could
be everywhere that your brand exists. It should also be unique, identifiable, and scalable to work at all
As you grow…
This is where consistency should be practiced. After building brand personality, creating a logo or
slogan, and launching a brand, the brand should be maintained and everything should work
harmoniously, from the art direction and visuals you choose for your website, your marketing materials,
all the way to how your products are packaged and shipped.
Soon your brand will evolve and more customers will be familiar. Along the way you’ll learn more about
shaping your business and knowing who your customers are and how to communicate with them.

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