2 metro style rack shelving units for product merchandising

3 Reasons to Use “Metro-Style” Rack Shelving Units

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When trying to figure out what kind of shelving to install in your retail environment there are many things to consider in making your selection. What is going to be the most effective way to display your merchandise? Keep in mind that you will want a system with easy to use shelving clips to adjust shelf spacing for best product appearance. Also, you have to consider easy labeling and pricing of merchandise on shelves. Metro-Style rack shelving employs snap-on shelf strips that allow you to easily change labels and pricing.

Let’s examine 3 reasons why using Metro-Style racks offer you outstanding retail display solutions.

1. Easily display merchandise or hang products from highly visible shelves

Due to the fact that the shelving is made from metal wire construction, it allows for your signage and merchandise to be on premium display from any angle. You can easily see items that are on any shelf level due to the ability to see through the shelving. With more exposure, your customers will less likely to pass over items simply because they didn’t see them. Wherever you decide to hang your signs or products always be sure to use the correct hanging clips for the items and store location.

2. Shelf rack mobility allows you to optimize your retail shelving positions

Because you have the option of putting your Metro-Style shelving on wheels, it allows for you to be able to easily move it around your retail space. This can help you test certain items, displays or signage in different areas of your store. Through trial and error you can determine what locations work best for visibility of specific products, as well as with seasonal displays.

3. Adjustable shelf heights help make product merchandising easier

One of the biggest advantages of using metro racks is the ability to manipulate your shelving to fit your merchandising needs. You can easily alter shelf height, allowing you to turn what was originally a shoe display into a garment rack. Changing spacing with metro shelving clips is easy! Metro rack clips move easily up and down the posts and allow the wire shelving to be positioned as needed. Switch out your graphics in the shelf label holders and spotlight the desired product with highly visible signage AND minimal effort!

a collage of shelf edge sign holders on metro style rack shelving

Happy shelf building!

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