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POP vs. POS: What’s the difference?

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Point of purchase and point of sale.  Sounds like the same thing, right?  The truth is they’re very different animals, inhabiting different parts of the consumer journey.

Regardless of the sector you’re working in, from menswear to fishing equipment, the consumer journey is a consistent thread running through all types of retail sales experiences.

Here, we’ll de-mystify the two acronyms for you and answer the question “POP vs. POS:  What’s the difference?”.

POP goes the buying decision.

The term “point of purchase” may be a little misleading, because while it refers to a specific place, that place isn’t consistent in terms of location within any given brick and mortar operation.  The POP is where consumer meets product.  At the POP, consumers are informed about the product and (if all goes well), consumers buy the product.

A POP display supports enhanced sales by highlighting specific products, whether a trusted brand of laundry detergent, or a pair of gabardine slacks.  The actual point of purchase is wherever that display appears, from aisle one to the north wall.  But “point of purchase” has another meaning – the point at which the consumer makes a buying decision.

POS – where the magic happens.

The point of sale is where the consumer has made all their buying decisions for the day and approaches the cash register.  Whether they’re shopping online or in your brick and mortar retail outlet, they’re ready to pay.  So, the point of sale is where shoppers either set their purchases on the belt, or click the “go to checkout button”.

The point of sale is where the consumer journey reaches its terminus, with payment to the retailer.

Displays that POP.

Clip Strip Corp. Roto™ Clip Brand Sign Holders bring a whole new level of “POP” to your retail outlet.  These revolutionary sign holders are a recent addition to our full suite of point of purchase items.  Our Roto Clips rotate, swivel and attach to a variety of surface edge styles and sizes – even to wire fixtures.  Their swivel action makes your message visible from a variety of angles, so your POP message never gets lost in the shuffle.

Uniquely adapted to shelving and display frames, these durable plastic signage supports are affordable and the more of them you purchase, the more affordable they are.

They’re way more than just “clips”.  There are several versions available, depending on what your outlet’s needs are.  For example, when a clip won’t do it, maybe a suction cup will.   Windows and glass surfaces are great locations for signage.  But we also offer a magnetic base version that’s perfectly adaptable to gondola shelving and other metal surfaces.

Clip Stip Corp.’s range of POP supports take your POP displays to a whole new level, enhancing the consumer experience with professionalism.

“POP vs. POS:  What’s the difference?”, is a question even some retailers ask us.  Now that you know the difference, contact us for leading edge POP display supports.

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