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Neat, organized retail and supermarket shelves make for increased sales

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In a marketplace teeming with consumer possibilities, brands today are focusing on point of purchase more than they ever have.  Retail outlets and supermarkets clearly organize product to boost sales.  That much we know.  But did you know that neat, organized retail and supermarket shelves make for increased sales?

It’s a demonstrable fact.  In its July 10, 2014 article in Forbes magazine, Bain Insights (a global consulting company) revealed that marketing to consumer behaviour in response to well-organized shelves can enhance sales outlooks by anywhere from 5 to 15%.

But the trick is that consumer habits and responses to point of purchase strategies are mercurial – they need to be constantly monitored to derive maximum benefit.  Brands are answering that need by adjusting their marketing to favor mining the potential of retail-based strategies.

By knowing what consumers are doing in response to retail displays, brands can tailor point of purchase marketing to drive purchasing decisions.

A marketing shift.

Product-based marketing is no longer the most effective way to reach consumers.  Brand loyalty is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, as shoppers make more and more of their purchasing decisions in the aisle.

Brands are learning that the dizzying variety of the marketplace is changing consumer behavior in profound ways.  They’re now looking for more effective strategies for reaching shoppers right there, in the moment their decisions are made.  What drives their decisions?  Placement and optimization.

Strategies for success.

Shoppers encountering an environment in which their choices are clearly defined are likely to buy products they haven’t in the past.  Why?  They didn’t know they were.  Neat, organized retail and supermarket shelves make for increased sales by piquing consumer interest and encouraging spur-of-the-moment decisions to buy.

Even the most attractive branding won’t sell if the product isn’t displayed in the right place, drawing attention to its presence.  Brands are learning this and so are retailers, as retail display and optimal placement become increasingly important.

Consumers are the driving force behind in-store presentation as a marketing imperative.  Its their response to this factor that has created the need for retail strategies that drive sales, both for brands and retailers.

Setting the stage.

Answering consumer demand for market clarity becomes easier when POP display supports are deployed to cater to that demand.  Shoppers need to be shepherded in their retail experiences with visual cues, revolving around effective signage, attractively and professionally displayed.  But that’s just the tip of the retail experience iceberg.

Displays that draw consumer attention to products they may otherwise not have considered buying are an effective way to improve sales.  As we’ve explained in this post, it’s the consumer who’s leading the way, defining how the stage is to be set for optimal impact on buying decisions.

Clip Strip is a retail display expert, featuring point of purchase supports.  Neat, organized retail and supermarket shelves make for increased sales, because they speak directly to your buyers.  Our products help you extend your retail reach.  Contact us to find out more.

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