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Guide on How to Customize Packaging and make Your Products Stand Out

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Revenues of many businesses surprisingly rose recently, and it is not because of discounts, promos, or celebrity recommendations but due to a simple strategy—improving product packaging.

This shows that packaging provides much more than cover or protection of products from the outside world. It is also a way to set your product apart from other brands and make it stand out when placed on store shelves. It also sends a message and links your products to you.

Surveys showed that almost 80% of consumers include packaging design among the determining factors when they are purchasing. Below are some of the ways to level up your product packaging.

Invest in Simple Designs

In hopes of creating attention-grabbing products, some businesses in the retail market seem to overdo their packaging. The strategy of putting so much bright colors seems to be more harmful than beneficial because it distracts customers and removes all the attention from the product. Complex designs, on the other hand, make customers confused rather than interested. So instead, we recommend trying a striking and appealing but much simpler design than a grand one. Remember that the best packaging emphasizes the product.

A simple design is where every color and line of text compose a message that will be clearly understood by shoppers. Focus on putting readable fonts, minimal graphics, and few colors. All of these elements will compatibly work together so that when it is seen by the customer from a shelf, they instantly know they need it will fulfill.

Communicate through the Packaging

When customers see an unfamiliar product, they will rely heavily on the packaging to explain to them the product’s purpose and how it works. Without it, there will be no appreciation of how innovative or special it is. So make sure you provide graphics and messaging that will give them direction. A retail POP display will also help in making customers determine what your product is trying to deal with.

Use Colors Effectively

Color is an essential element not only on the packaging but also on supporting displays. It should be aligned with your brand to establish your identity. Meanwhile, if your brand offers various products, colors are useful to differentiate each item and create ways for customers to easily distinguish them.

Your target audience should be one of your main considerations when choosing colors for your packaging. Though there’s no easy way to determine what colors will click to all your customers, there are color suggestions from experts who explain their impact to people from different groups. For example, pastels or primary colors are attractive to the youth while darker colors appeal to adults. These specific color combinations can be used to tell shoppers who a product is for.

Update Packaging from Time to Time

Even colors are not timeless in business. Even your regular shoppers will feel bored after seeing the same colors and designs of products every time. So along with your marketing campaign, you should also know when it is time to change your packing design. A great strategy would be, is to align your packaging with seasonal occasions or holidays. This would give the product a great boost. It will instill in the mind of your customers that they need a particular item then.

Seek Help from Pros

Working with experts will cost you a bit more, but it is not for nothing because outsourced services are proven effective and were tested by time. Products can look so much better with specially made materials and are based on studies, the majority of customers are more likely to buy from brands that package their products differently.

Having specially-made packaging works well with your product’s size, color, and message, making it not only convincing but also elevates the overall perceived value of the item.

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