Turning Website Visits into Actual Profit Through Facebook Retargeting

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Just like in the physical world, window shopping happens online; people who browse your website are not automatically buyers. Some of them may just be looking around if something will get their interest. But you don’t always have to just sit and wait for their decision because there’s something you can do about it.

With a strong retargeting strategy, your ads can effectively reach these people, sending them right message that can influence their decision-making process. You can base this strategy by looking into the user history of your customers and visitors. Being able to create a retargeting funnel will help you have a smooth interaction with your customer that will eventually lead to an ideal outcome, which is turning potential sales into actual purchases.

It would also help a lot if you think of a creative way to address their questions and concerns, social proof to solidify their trust on your brand, and a way for them to remember the products that they just viewed.

Aside from serving as a form of advertising to people who have already browsed through your website, retargeting can also be used with Facebook for you to reach potential customers who showed initial interest in your business or product. This can be monitored through their online activity such as liking one of your posts or going to your website and adding some items to their cart.

A huge amount of additional sales can be missed out without retargeting ads, imagine how beneficial it is for your part if your website traffic is actually being converted to your revenue.

But before you can take advantage of Facebook retargeting, you must first integrate Facebook pixel to your website. To understand further, here are the other benefits of Facebook retargeting:

It is a Promising advertising strategy that leads to immediate ROI

Since retargeting is about focusing on people who have already shown interest in your brand and products, it is more likely that you entice them to buy. Unlike using Facebook ads to those who are not familiar of your business which can only result to brand awareness and website traffic, but not necessarily sales.

Audience that are not that interested to your products are less likely to contribute to your sales and in order to change this, you will have to spend more time and resources first to build their trust on you.

It Allows You to Tap into Specific User Behaviors

Facebook Retargeting gives you the power to share specific ads showing relevant products that are interesting to potential customers. This is perfect if your business offers more than a single product.

For you to know which products a particular website visitor is interested into, you must know which pages and products he/she viewed. Then you can use retargeting ads that only shows the particular products that are in line to the customer’s interests.

It helps influence more people to complete a purchase

Studies show that only a small percentage of website visitors naturally ends up making a purchase on their first visit. But because you are doing an intervention through retargeting, there is an increasing chance of bringing more people back to your website to finish their transaction.

This works effectively for people who abandoned their cart of didn’t complete checkout. Retargeting ads will then do a final push to gain sales and drive your conversion rates up.

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