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Timeless Ways to Increase Conversions

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Your product page is one of the determining factors that customers consider in deciding whether they will buy something from you or not. Unfortunately, not every owner sees its importance so they often set it aside when making strategies on how to sell.

The reality is that the landing and checkout pages of a brand won’t make much sense unless it has a convincing product page that will trigger conversion. The product page will show customers not only the available products but also explains their features and the issues that it solves. This explains why the product is important and reveals the factors that they must know to determine if they have to buy this particular product.

Attractive images paired with well-written descriptions are also vital elements in making a great product page. Here are a few other timeless ways to improve your product pages.

Don’t leave people waiting and hanging

Product Pages is no place for suspense and cliffhangers, it is not some kind of book which makes customers more interested when you leave them lacking vital information. On the contrary, they might even leave immediately because who likes being forced to dig essential information when wanting to buy something—no one, right?

What store owners must provide shoppers is a distilled summary of their products. A single, brief paragraph on top of the page is enough to explain the benefits and material composition of a particular product. Rich context, explanation, and images should be compressed to effectively inform and provide proof of the claims you made and always remember that customers should never be left waiting to have their interest piqued.

Deal with Customer Concerns

Your strategies in selling Products should go hand-in-hand with your tactics when dealing with customers’ concerns. You can use both of these to deliver exemplary customer service and motivate shoppers to make more purchases. Your product page should not only highlight the item’s looks but also its functionality. What will set you apart from your competitor is the way your product address issues and problems which are commonly experienced by the buyers.

By showcasing your product’s utility, you will be able to understand your customers and see the challenges they face through their eyes. That’s what will give you a hint on how they think when purchasing.

In addition, by addressing common concerns, your conversion rate will be high while the number of returns will be greatly reduced.

Keep in mind that the number one complaint by customers complaining to customer services is how the product didn’t meet their expectations.

Emphasize a clear call to action

Do not forget that your add to cart button is still the most important feature of your product page so do not forget to include it when trying to improve and optimize your page. The buying process should be quick and easy. To achieve this, you must add a call to action button that won’t get into conflict with your design and definitely can’t be missed.

A sleek, minimalist design is preferable. Not will it only give attention to the product but it also increases the chance for you to trigger impulse buying leading customers quickly to checkout.

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