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Things You Have to Know About POP Displays

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In business, there are countless ways to catch your customer’s attention and promote products. However, nothing works like POP Displays. It has been a dependable solution for thousands of rival brands that want to make their products stand out. In this article, we will be sharing a few things you have to know about POP Displays.

What is the Point of Purchase?

POP or Point of purchase is the area in which customers weigh whether they will decide to purchase a product or not. Point-of-purchase areas can be located at any strategic place inside the retail store, from the front to the back. Take a supermarket aisle, for example, it is a point of purchase area because it is where customers commonly toss items in their shopping carts.

What Are Product Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays?

Customers are already fed up with advertisements because shoved up their throats wherever they go. They might also encounter lots of displays, signage, and kiosks, and even actual product demonstrations. But what makes a company’s Product Display stand out from other brands? The answer is simple, a strategic POP Display properly and creatively placed inside the store.

You’ll know that your POP display is effective when it succeeds to entice customers to try or look into your displayed products. It also gives a hint which zones in your store serve as effective point-of-purchase areas. These areas are usually those with high traffic including locations near checkout lines or at the end of every aisle.

POP displays can also take various forms, from promotional posters to freestanding units that hold the product being advertised. With regards to the displayed product, it depends. Point-of-purchase areas are only for those products that you think will sell. Actually, wise retailers will use POP areas to place products that they think need a boost. They also tandem these products with discounts and promos to catch the interest of potential buyers even further.

What Differentiates Point of Sale from Point of Purchase?

Point of Sale or POS is where customers go to pay for the items they got from Point of Purchase areas which is anyplace around the store. Whether a customer decides to interact with the items near the checkout counter or sift through the products at the back of the store, they always end up in the POS after they decide to buy with something. The POS is usually equipped with a cash register and barcode scanners to quickly identify the prizes of the products and compute the overall total.

POS displays on the other hand are also considered as a type of POP display. These are specifically placed to prompt impulse buys. They are usually cheap items placed on countertop units or small freestanding display racks so shoppers will have no hesitation to grab them in an instant.

POS and POP go hand-in-hand in contributing to the overall performance and sales of your store. Understanding their differences and advantages can help you maximize their function and use them to attract more potential customers.

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