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The Difference of a Customer and a Subscriber & How to Have Both of Them

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E-commerce has opened a lot of doors and opportunities for retailers. New technology and features spiced traditional shopping and customers are now having consistent communication with brands. Emails are one of their methods in doing so. A new role for shoppers called ‘subscriber’ was introduced when it began. In 2021, it is still a trend in which subscribers were the ones who test new products and formulate their feedback from their experience.

Not because you have a customer who purchases a product from your business from time to time doesn’t mean that person is automatically a subscriber because part of the deal is they must agree to receive marketing emails first. Don’t worry because we know ways to turn a customer into a subscriber and through this article, we will be sharing them with you.

Customize into a Captivating Online Store

There are measures and tactics to capture subscribers out of your most engaged online store customers. Your best chance depends on how you decide to use your landing page and your checkout. The goal is for you to find a way to set it apart from annoying advertisements that randomly pops up and prompts customers to either click the x button immediately or leave your site right away.

By encouraging your customers to sign up through a newsletter signup form on the header or footer of your website, you are giving them a chance to register while browsing your site. It won’t look as if you are pressuring them at all. Just make sure you make them well informed about what they will be receiving after signing up. This can include product promotions, deals, and updates.

You can also add an option at your checkout allowing customers to sign up while completing a purchase. Take note that you have to let them know they need to complete the checkout for their subscription preference to be successful.

Offer Exclusive/Limited-Time Promos, Discounts, or coupons

Giving Incentives is an effective way to convert customers to subscribers. By giving them great deals and coupons after their first purchase, they will be more willing to sign up for your newsletter form and receive emails from you.

This also gives them a sense of urgency because they know at the back of their minds that there’s an expiration date or deadline that will make them miss the offer if they don’t grab it now. Not only that, but this can also be an opportunity to turn them into repeat customers knowing that they will get a reward.

Place a register button on your Social Media Channels

Social media is a commonplace where millions of potential customers stay and browse. This is also where they follow their favorite brands to be updated on product updates, news, upcoming sales, and more. You can use this as an opportunity to turn customers into website subscribers by using your bio to put the link to direct them to a sign-up form or adding a call-to-action button on your social media business pages.

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