A slatwall system displays shoes with acrylic shelves and sign holders

Optimize Display Panels with Slatwall Accessories and Sign Holders

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I spotted a great example of an optimized slatwall display during a recent visit to my local sporting goods store. The entire system made use of accessories, hooks and acrylic sign holders to enhance service and increase sales. It’s a great example of how these systems can be customized for each retail situation. Slatwall brackets, inserts and fixtures can be used to tailor each panel to serve a unique function. In this manner, all of the merchandise in your store might benefit from a bit of creative thinking as long as you keep the customer’s experience at the forefront of your display strategy.

So, why exactly does this specific design work so well? It blends important aspects of visual merchandising with a few touches geared toward enhancing the shopping experience and improving customer satisfaction. The design is simple and efficient, featuring a clean looking double-stacked row of staggered sneakers displayed on slatwall panels, which run the length of the shoe aisle. A display model for each pair of shoes rests on a plastic slatwall shelf, literally providing out-of-the-box product demonstration. The buyable products sit on the shelves just below or above each model shoe in various sizes for the customers’ convenience. This allows them to quickly and easily try on any shoe that catches their eye.

Display wall uses slatwall accessories and acrylic sign holders to promote shoes

This awesome display system also uses acrylic slatwall sign holders to enhance the in-store shopping experience. The signs provide product details, prices and red ‘sale’ tags to assist customers sort through the available selection of merchandise. Product highlights, tech specs and price tags (along with savings information) helps buyers assess the options and find the shoe that will best fit their needs (and feet).

Impressively, this slatwall example also caters to our beloved omnichannel customers. A major benefit of running an online shop is the extensive product selection capabilities because you don’t need to fit all of your merchandise inside a physical retail store. This clever company uses a slatwall sign holder to inform shoppers that their shopping experience can continue online with a greater variety of products. It’s a two way street, too. Online shoppers are invited to enter location information so they may find the closest store that carries the items they found on the website. Store finding services allow them to try on or test the products in which they are interested. This also creates a wonderful opportunity for them to see any related merchandise or accessories. Once inside your shop, they might be inclined to stick around and check out your other promotions, too, as long as your signage and displays have been optimized for their enjoyment.

If you are interested in enhancing your retail display game, be sure to check out Clip Strip Corp’s selection of product merchandising and slatwall accessories.

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