Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays as Key to Giving Consumers a Unique Retail Experience

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The expectation of consumers on different brands are now higher than ever. This puts the competition on the retail industry on a different level as shoppers seek more exciting engagements and innovative interactions which gives them a unique costumer experience.

However, some brands still stick with traditional point-of-purchase (POP) displays in their stores despite the new strategies available for their brick-and-mortar shops. But this only makes it hard for them to create compelling in-store experiences.

What most of them don’t realize is that there’s a great need to reimagine their POP marketing strategies and focus on building a connection that inspires customers and has a positive impact in their lives.

One important goal that retailers must focus on today is creating a new consumer environment that targets how they prefer to interact with the brand’s products. They must also acknowledge the fact that many shoppers are doing their initial research on products before going to physical stores. So, it is important that they are guided inside the shop when they arrive so they can easily find the items they are looking for.

Though in-store signage remains effective in relaying information, brands must still level up their game to better communicate because the only way to create an incredible in-store experience is not only to plainly sell their brand or their products but to make sure it influences their customer’s lifestyle. There must be storytelling as well to make their customers feel something new and refreshing.

Making Effective POP Displays that Creates Good in-store Experiences

Here are the things that brands must know in order to have better customer communications and ensure relevant, inspiring, and unique in-store experiences:

Analyze existing signage and communication tools and how they can be developed – Assessing these is important to determine their effectivity as well as to to identify how they can be better and more effective. You also have to make sure they remain relevant and interesting to consumers.  

Be wise on how you spend your resources – Focus from minimizing expenditure to optimizing it. Target key markets, invest on them and let your customers spread the good news about you among their peers. Let them serve as your PR team. But in order to do this, you have to make sure that they have positive impression on your brand and that they genuinely feel good about it.

Pay Attention to what your customers think and attend to their needs – Look into how you can amplify the in-store communication moments that inspires customers and positively impacts their lives, instead of just repeating product specifications that are readily accessible to customers from their mobile devices. Through feedback or reviews, you can have a hint on what they and their peers think or feel, and you can use that to attend to their general demands.

Giving consumers a thoughtful, informative and impactful experience is the ideal purpose of POP displays, achieving this will inspire brand loyalty and customer retention. Remember that in a retail business, you must always start on providing an incredible experience and revenue will follow.

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