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Playing the Long Game for Long Term Growth

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There are several conflicts nowadays making it a challenge for direct-to-consumer businesses to grow.

One of these involves online behavior. Studies showed that retailers don’t surf the web and research like they used to before. Most of them focus only on social media apps for advertisements and product promotion. This is the reason why these social channels are now crowded and losing their efficiency because more and more products are being launched daily. Keywords and audiences from different brands are also competing while customer inboxes and emails are being bombarded with messages not only from family and friends but also from brands.

Customer acquisition cost is also becoming a problem as it continues to rise in the past years. There’s no indication that it will stabilize anytime soon. Experts expect that it will continue to climb in the years to come.

If you are one of the companies struggling for growth, all hope is not lost yet, because there’s a probability that you might have only overlooked some things that’s why your growth journey became rocky. Today let’s talk about the post-purchase path along with some tips to help you towards progress.

Make Use of Post-purchase tactics

Traditionally, it will cost you a lot of time and resources to implement a post-purchase strategy. It is essential though because it aims to convert first-time shoppers to loyal and lasting customers. To play the long game, you have to secure a couple of short-term wins first. Begin with providing a wonderful purchase experience to the point that customers will decide to spend more money with you. Sharing about your brand offering is also a strategy that fortifies your relationship with existing customers.

Your consistency in giving good service will also build trust and loyalty. Aside from that, you can also launch several tactics for customers. It includes providing a clear receipt with complete purchase details, educating them more about your products and services, and giving them timely offers and discounts.

There is plenty of sales channel available online to provide and automate these services without charging you anything. This helps independent businesses to adapt to the future where mobile commerce arises.

By seamlessly integrating every post-purchase touchpoint from your store, you make yourself closer to the hearts of your customers.

Build lasting relationships

Talking about sales channels and strong relationships, what your brand needs is to invest in an online storefront that allows direct and stable communication between you and your shoppers. It is a vital step in creating an environment to support a productive shopping journey. Brand experiences should be at the front of your sales channel. By doing so, you are also increasing the lifetime value of your customers. This is far better compared to using social channels where you pay only for photo or video advertisements.

Using Targeted Marketing Automation to Encourage Repeat Purchases

To convert post-purchase offers to something more enticing, what you should do is to come up with automated marketing notifications which send next-purchase discount offers to buyers as soon as their current order ships. This is a good opportunity to connect to them while they are still excited. This gives them more value while forging their good perception of you.

In addition, in-app checkout is a convenient way of letting customers complete their transactions with many shops at the same time. Having this type of feature is essential for sales channels to empower you and gives your brand limitless opportunities to interact and connect with your customers through their mobile screens.

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