OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND: The Power of POP Displays to put products into the spotlight

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It is believed that majority of consumers impulse buy and it is partly caused by well-designed display. But it is still a wonder how a POP display can make one item stand out among hundreds to thousands of products that are showcased on retail store shelves.

POP displays are there to put attention on products and brands that people do not initially intend to buy. But in order to do so, retailers must make the display so appealing that the product becomes worthy of considering and buying. This means before POP displays can bring your product front and center into your customers’ minds, it must first give them fast facts and visual cues that will make a purchase decision in favor of your product.

Making POP Displays doesn’t have to be so complicated. Even with basic materials, you can create a striking and effective display as long as it has an eye-catching and informative design. This is true for small to medium business that only needs a simple design.

As to why POP displays make products so captivating for customers who are waiting in the checkout area, it can be because it serves as a trigger to the impulsiveness that consumers are hiding within them all the time.

It is interesting that within the little time they spend waiting to complete their transaction, they still become desperate to have something to look at while waiting, eventually just within seconds they become bored. This combined with the thought that they will be leaving soon gives them the urge to see if there’s something more they can grab. It’s like there’s a huge “Now’s the time to check if there’s something else you can buy or forever rest your peace” sign ringing within their heads. That’s the time a good POP display comes into play. If it’s attractive enough, soon it will be seeing customers grabbing and putting random stuff into their shopping cart.

The usual products that usually sell when on a POP display are those that are low-priced and are a bit smaller in size. It makes sense because these are the kind of products that you can easily throw in your cart at the last second without any hesitations. POP display items would also sell better when they have special promotions that will entice shoppers to buy.

Retailers should also keep in mind that it is ideal to place displays as close to eye-level as possible so it will be easier for customers to notice them. Whether they will be enticed and keep staring or whether they will look away is up to the quality of design. POP displays are really important in the retail business as it motivates an increase on customer engagements and contribute to the store’s overall sales through additional purchases.

POP Displays are really simple to understand. They help make products that are once on the sidelines get noticed by putting them into the most obvious place where customers can’t help but notice them. It’s don’t always work on all customers and on all items but as it goes along, there are lessons that can be learned to improve its quality and approach.

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