Employee Uses Merchandising Tools for POS Marketing and Impulse Buys

Merchandising Tips for POP Marketing and Impulse Buys

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In today’s economy, earning your customer’s business has never been harder. The importance of having a solid POP marketing strategy along with displays designed to maximize customer spend by catering to the impulse buy has never been higher. With the rise of ecommerce, many brick and mortar efforts have switched gears to focus on getting customers through the door. In fact, it seems that some owners have nearly lost sight of the most crucial marketing opportunity. The in-store visit.

Getting the most from each in-store visit is very important

These days, customers have too many options. With the rise of digital technology, the world is literally now at their fingertips. According to STAMFORD, Conn. – GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study, approximately 81% of consumers look online for information regarding potential purchases. This means that everyone has become your competitor. The good news is that the same study revealed 88% of these shoppers eventually find their way to a brick and mortar store before making their final purchase. Will your store be ready for their visit?

Leverage POP impulse buy displays to increase customer spend

Once a customer has entered your store there is a good chance they are ready to conclude their research with a purchase. If they aren’t regulars then they have most likely found you online by a review of your business or a particular product. No matter the reason, their visit suggests they are ready to spend. Now is the time when you can utilize your creative POP marketing and merchandising skills to create eye-catching displays designed to inspire impulse purchases. This classic up-sell technique works incredibly well for increasing revenue as long as the customer experience is up to par and they are able to find their primary desired product.

Design POP displays for effective visual merchandising

One of the most important steps is ensuring your product is clearly visible. Take care to showcase it in a way that allows a customer to easily find and identify it. Once the customer has seen it, allow them to engage with it. This will help the customer personally assess the product that they were initially exposed to online. It instantly creates a relationship between them and the item, which will further the likelihood of an impulse buy.

Over 50% of in store searches are looking up the same store

Econsultancy also did a study in which 17% of all respondents claimed that they have used mobile devices to justify impulse purchases because it is so easy and convenient. Therefore, a good practice is to try and make product information readily available on mobile devices. Be sure to provide social proof through reviews and ‘most popular’ items. And finally, be sure to prime your site for preemptive up-sells and impulse buys with a ‘customers also bought these items’ section, then include these items with your in-store merchandising and POS display - they’ll recognize the items and naturally connect the dots.

Creative merchandising display ideas can yield major results

When it comes to the impulse purchase, a little POP marketing effort can go a very long way. Your customers will respond to emotional charges. To leverage this, we suggest aiming to evoke feelings of awe, love and life. A sense of wonder is hard to ignore, love brings family together and life is full of routines we can all recognize. These thematic emotions can also be implemented into social media posts to promote higher rates of engagement and sharing. Remember any opportunity to personalize a shopping experience is gold! Even lightheartedly splitting your customers into opposing sides can be an effective marketing ploy, just look at Miracle Whip’s ‘Hate It or Love It’ campaign.

Be sure to keep your eyes out for the next big opportunity to hit the scene... Your business just might be able to play into it.


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  1. Deanna Jones

    I thought that you made a great point about how POP marketing can make customers feel more inclined to make purchases. Using certain elements in a display to evoke certain feelings seems like a great way to appeal to what customers want. Each individual is looking for something in the things they buy, so using emotional charges will help to improve sales. Thanks for the tips!

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