Making Use of IGTV as a Marketing Strategy

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Online social media platforms such as Instagram have changed a lot since they were founded years ago and along with the launch of new platforms such as the IGTV, comes the opportunities to engage a user’s current audience while attracting new ones.

This is useful for companies who are into Instagram especially those that are able to establish good follower count. Here are the reasons why IGTV can be good for your business.

One of the main advantages of using IGTV is how it brings a business closer to the consumers through the use of longer, permanent video. This is perfect because it enables to do a deeper storytelling. It also allows them to build stronger ties with potential customers while showcasing other dimensions of their business without being limited to one type of content, length or format unlike on other platforms. This is because unlike on the regular feed, here videos that are 10-60 minutes can be uploaded depending on whether you have a verified account.

These long form-videos can also be shot and uploaded vertically, making them more attractive for those who don’t like rotating their phones every time they have to watch a video. Viewers can also watch it on full screen. It’s like watching a YouTube video inside your Instagram app.

Another great thing about IGTV is that it doesn’t have any ads yet, so users watching your videos wouldn’t be distracted. Also, whenever your followers open IGTV, they will instantly see original content from you, while new people can discover your brand widening your reach. IGTV works best for video tutorials, unboxing of your products, product demos, behind-the-scenes, educational videos, and more.

Now there’s no other reason not to try as its super easy to download the app, setup your account then post your creative videos. But the key to being successful is making your videos interesting right from the start. Being able to grab your viewers’ attention in the first few seconds should be your primary goal. Your next priority should be is to get them hooked and make them watch till the end.

Using closed captions are also important because more people are likely to watch an entire video when they were provided subtitles. So, make sure your videos accessible to everyone.

If you want to be consistent by having a steady supply of content, you can reuse old content and make new videos out of them. If you have blogs or articles, then maybe you can turn them into interesting vlogs that your audience may want to watch. Keep in mind that posting regularly is crucial because it will make a good impression to your target market and it will keep them engaged.

IGTV’s insights regarding your viewership and engagement can also be useful for you to know you’re your videos are performing and helps you think of ideas on how to improve them. But, remember that great ideas don’t always translate into successful content. So, make sure you also know how to plan and execute your strategies well.

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