Importance of Person-to-Person Interactions in Retail

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The common misconception about Customer Service which is often catered by Call Centers is that it is only about dealing with angry customers and hearing all their complaints. However, new studies show that there is a vital role being played by customer service and the agents manning it on making the transaction with customers smoother and more preferable. Reports also show that despite the advancement of technology and automation. Most of the consumers nowadays still trust actual people to handle their concerns. Here’s why.

The cost of hiring people to work on customer service is quite pricey. This has been an obvious reason why many companies prefer to automate this part of their business. However, if we will ask the customers themselves, surely, they will tell that it is still more preferable for them to deal with another person just like what surveys revealed.

Automated customer service support may be faster and more efficient. But there are elements that it lacks compared to the traditional where actual people receives the concerns of the customers. The customers’ confidence is connected to their loyalty. Now, if they are not confident with the system that will handle their concern, it is less likely that they will be satisfied of the result. It is better to know that they have trust because they have been given an assurance by a representative that their request is being handled and solved.

These problems however, might be less bothersome to consumers if more automation and technology was used within customer service. To be fair, Bots can quickly record customer complaints and analyze possible responses, in addition to scaling quickly at less expense than human staffers. This, in turn, means more calls can be answered quickly; although, more bots may not be the answer if consumers don’t like interacting with them.

For many consumers, receiving personalized communication via email, chat and social media from companies they have a business relationship with was important.

As of today, technology still lacks the humane characteristics which are important in solving problems of their fellow human. This includes sympathy which is vital in making the customer feel that the one they are talking to understands them and what they feel and is also eager to help them. A large number of consumers still are not comfortable with the notion of talking to a robot, nor do they believe that technology is going to solve their problems.

Hiring people to work on Customer Service Support is also a way of making your customers feel that you are sincere on dealing with their matters and that you are responsible with what happens after they transacted with your business. It is a good way in building a positive impression and a trusted reputation which would help motivate them with their future dealings with you and it can also make them pass down the positive outlook towards you with their influence to their friends and peers.


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