Halloween store displays and plastic sign holders

Haunted by Retail Displays: Hanging Clips, Plastic Sign Holders and Sticky Strips Make Merchandise Fly Off the Shelves

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Last night I wandered into the local grocery store and found myself in a scene from a reoccurring nightmare. I stepped inside a haunted world of retail displays where bats and ghosts flew through the air, suspended by hanging clips, while goblins greeted me with exclusive club price savings and professional looking signage in well placed plastic sign holders. As I explored the eerie store, I noticed the shelves were lined with sticky strips providing all the accessories these monstrous customers might need to cut open and gut the helpless pumpkins lying in the patch nearby. On the closest shelf, I noticed a row of grinning plastic pumpkins spookily chuckling at the impending doom of their organic cousins.

Terrifying_Corrugated_Cardboard_Display_with_Power_Panel_Hooks“Where did I get myself this time,” I wondered, whilst nervously searching for clues – and a half-gallon of almond milk – “Was I still awake or had I drifted off during a presidential debate?” Normally my nightmares consist of merchandising fails, but products seemed to be flying off the shelves in this dreamlike world – so I pinched myself to check. Sure enough, I was awake. Goblins really were following our advice - rocking retail sign holders to promote loyalty memberships – and carving kits were hanging from shelf edges by Sticky Strips – now half empty.

Spooky_Retail_Display_and_Plastic_Sign_HolderEverything was wonderful! I would have designed everything in a similar fashion. The merchandising strips suspended by metal S hooks were placed perfectly. My only suggestion would be to consider tailoring the strips to the ideal amount of product clips by using adhesive strips on a roll that can be trimmed. This is the perfect holiday to take advantage of any and all dead space.

The shelves of candy could have used a few more shelf wobblers to really standout; however, I must admit the bright bags of candy didn’t need much help to catch my attention. I do think they might have benefited from a bit of organization, which shelf dividers would have provided. It was quite clear that the piles of candy had received a ton of attention throughout the day. It seemed as if the only thing missing was a haunted selection of spooky, dance provoking songs on a great Halloween playlist ...but we'll let it slide this time.

Scary_Clip_Strip_Merchandising_Strips_and_Corrugated_Cardboard_DisplayIf longer lasting sign holders are of interest to you, then I might recommend trying out a few metal sign holders. These guys are longer lasting and higher quality, so they can be used for several holiday seasons. That means fewer reorders and less waste!

Finally, I know a lot of you have been interested in drop ceiling grid clip hanging systems for holiday decorations in addition to standard promotional signs. I like to keep it simple when it comes to suspending signs from above. A few of my favorites include magnetic ceiling hooks as well as grid clip ceiling hangers, which can both be used with C hooks to hang signs… or spiders!

Thanks for reading - and be careful my friends - it’s a scary world out there.

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