POP Fuel Pro Tip 2 - hanging mobile kits and shelf signs

Silent Sellers: Hanging Mobile Kits, Shelf Signs and Plastic Brochure Holders

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Effective store displays must blend several merchandising factors to create a well-balanced design that is both visually pleasing and intuitively usable. Retail fixtures such as hanging mobile kits, shelf signs and plastic brochure holders can sell products and promote return visits at the point of purchase on their own when used correctly. Here are a few POP Fuel Pro Tips to help you get started with 3 of our favorite silent sellers.

1. Utilize as much space as possible with a hanging mobile kit

Make sure your signs are seen from all directions with a 3-way hanging sign holder. Most markets and retail stores have suspended ceilings (a.k.a. drop ceilings), which make suspended ceiling hooks a breeze to install. Simply find the appropriate ceiling grid hanging clips for the signs, banners or accessories that need to be hung, then follow the included instructions to quickly and easily display your POP signage professionally.

Be sure to find the hanging mobile kit that best fits your needs. The 3-way sign holders are available in 2 sizes. One holds panels 10 – 24 inches wide while the larger mobile tri-way sign hanging kit can accommodate panels 20 – 40 inches wide.

Clip Strip Corp® also has a 4 sided sign hanging mobile. The Mobile Quattro Ceiling Sign Hanging Kit is easy to assemble and helps create powerful signage. It can display ceiling signs (12 to 24 inches wide) in 4 different directions.

These mobile kits also take the guesswork out for merchandisers by including universal ceiling hooks and a 6-foot hanging chord!

2. Optimize your shelf displays to sell products with clips, signs and tabs

Have you ever been in a retail, grocery or hardware store that didn’t have shelves? I certainly can’t recall such a place of business from my recent travels. That being the case, the opportunity to capitalize on strolls thru the aisle will always exist. Let’s make sure your shelf signs are properly held in place with proper sign holders. CSC carries several styles of sign clips so be sure to choose the fixture that works best within your environment.

Once a few eye-catching, deal-screaming signs are in place, consider the accessibility of the products. Could your merchandise be displayed in a more appealing or accessible fashion? Make sure the hang tabs on your product packages are the correct size and style for your display hook systems. (Check out our article, Exploring the Wide Variety of Hang Tabs for info regarding hang tab styles and uses.)

3. Set it and forget it with plastic brochure holders

Sometimes it can be easiest to let customers opt in to your promotions or additional offerings at their own leisure. Literature holders are the perfect silent sellers for theses instances. CSC carries a variety of these clear displays due to their versatility. Whether it’s a free standing acrylic holder offering a punch out card or a promotional catalogue, your customer’s decision to pick one up starts with catching their attention in a non-intrusive fashion.

The same can be done by strategically placing plastic brochure holders near entrances, exits and within reach of passersby. You can even deliver messages to potential customers 24/7 with outdoor literature holders featuring your latest promotion.

Together, these elements should help raise your store’s resting merchandise rate and help sell products or generate leads without having to lift a finger.

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