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Which Hang Tab is Right for Your Retail Display?

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Shelf space is at a premium in any retail location.  You can only display so much on your shelves. That’s where retail POP display solutions like hang tabs come in.

This style of merchandising support allows retailers to display items which aren’t adapted to hanging (because they have no hole to do so).  That frees up space and creates prominence for popular products and impulse buy items.

But which hang tab is right for your retail display?  At Clip Strip Corp., we have designed, developed and manufactured hang tabs that meet every retail need.  Let’s look at some of their uses, toward determining which hang tab is best adapted to your needs.

Slot hang tab.

Also known as the “sombrero” hang tab (because of the hole’s shape), the slot hang tab works with either single or double wire pegs, making it incredibly versatile.

Because of the unique shape, your product is properly centered, meaning your display is neat and organized for items weighing not more than 10 oz.

Hook hang tab.

The hook hang tab is sometimes called a “delta” style tab.  These are particularly good for slightly heavier items (up to 14 oz.) and fit almost all display hooks and merchandising strips.  These sturdy tabs are manufactured from 15-millimeter PVC, for reliable durability.

Customers can easily move items displayed with this type of tab, to see all available examples in the display (color, size, etc.).

Round hole hang tab.

The round hole hang tab is a super-practical option for retailers wanting to display a material quantity of the same item.  Made of durable PVC, these strong merchandising aides are enormously popular across the full spectrum of retail.

Fold up hang tab.

Available in the hook, hole, or slot variety, the fold up hang tag stays flush to product during shipping, but then folds up, when ready to display.  This is a practical alternative that saves time for retailers, for smaller items of up to 10 oz.

J-hook hang tab.

These are the customer-friendly answer for display items you wish to hang.  J-hook hang tabs allow customers to remove the chosen product with ease, instead of having to remove everything in front of their selection.  Bearing up to 14 oz., they’re also durable.

Flexible hang tab.

Allowing you to hang items which may have unusual, curved, or uneven packaging, the flexible hang tab is uniquely versatile.  With it’s thin adhesive area and thick aperture for hanging, these are a retailer’s best bet for displaying “hard to hang” products.

Clip Strip Corp. – hang it right.

With our wide range of quality hang tabs, you’ll find the model that’s right for your outlet’s display needs, with Clip Strip Corp.

We’ve been retail POP display aide innovators since 1980, always seeking new ways to serve our customers with specialized supports that professionalize their stores and bring consistency to their branding.

When you hang it with Clip Strip Corp. hang tabs, it’s a sure thing you’ll hang it right.  Visit us to discover a world of POP display innovation.

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