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Going Straight to the Point about Point of Purchase Advertising

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Increasing the visibility of products within the store should be one of the primary objectives to promote sales of every product. The more curious your customers become, the higher the chance they will make a purchase. Point of purchase advertising is one of the strategies that will help you create an effective promotional campaign.

POP is beneficial both to vendors and retailers. POP materials are used to emphasize specific products and make customers interested. This can potentially increase sales so they are made freely available within the store. In this article, we will be talking more about point of purchase advertising and its benefits.

Basically of purchase advertising, is any marketing material utilized by retailers in their stores to encourage customers to buy a certain product. It also refers to the strategic position of products within the store.

POP can be a form of display or sign positioned near checkout lanes, within aisles, or on shelves. The goal is to attract customers as they walk around and trigger impulsive buying before they pay for the purchases and leave the store. This technique is proven effective by research. The displays are often inexpensive or good-looking so shoppers won’t feel that they won’t be putting too much investment when buying them. The point of purchase advertising method needs a design that is vibrant enough to make the product visually stand out. It can include other advertising displays around the product.

Benefits of point of purchase advertising

Triggers impulse buying: It makes customers who don’t have the intent of buying certain products consider purchasing them. You always have this opportunity on every shopper as soon as they enter your store. It is true that many purchase decisions are unplanned but they still happen within the store, thanks to compelling POP displays. With the right point of purchase marketing strategy, you can have higher sales.

Strategically placed: POP displays are versatile in form. They can be hanging signs, shelf labels, or free-standing displays. This gives the retailers freedom to put them anywhere in the store especially in high traffic.

Conveys a message beyond packaging: The space available in your packaging may not always be enough to carry the message that you want to communicate about your product. So you may find a point of purchase display helpful in reaching a wider audience. That’s an extra spot to highlight the unique features of your product.

Attracts a customer: When people walk down the aisle, it is often that they already have something in mind. So packaging doesn’t always work when trying to get attention. That’s why interesting point of purchase display increases the chance that your buyers will notice your products.

Cost-efficient: Compared to paid media advertising, POP advertising is less expensive yet it allows brands to communicate effectively. Since the message can be expressed in form of a sign, cardboard display, or store poster. There’s not much investment needed to target a relevant audience and leave them with an impact.


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