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Connecting with Millennials: Strategies Brick-and-Mortar Retailers can Pick up from E-commerce

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A lot of brick-and-mortar retailers perceive e-commerce as an evil force that’s grabbing customers away from them. But that is not the case, the way we see it, physical and online stores are not rivals, but rather allies.

The internet platform continues to become an effective tool for promoting and communicating brand with the target market. Retailers that want to survive are using it. People who don’t make a purchase on your site, still generate interest and would like to learn more about your product. Hence, that customer will pay a visit to your offline store to see the actual product and experience it.  This clearly shows the relationship between online retailing and how it can help drive in-store traffic.

Fact: 72 percent of consumers research an establishment online before walking into a shop.

The key to becoming a successful retailer in the future will lie in your ability to connect with the millennial and more so with the younger generation, who now hold the massive buying capabilities in today’s economy. Frankly speaking, if you are not selling online, you could be missing a big chunk of the available demographics and revenue possibilities.

Here we rounded up some helpful strategies that brick-and-mortar retailers can learn from e-commerce in order to connect with the new generation of consumers.

Develop an Attractive Website

Your web design is primarily a reflection of your business. Retailers should be paying attention, specifically to mobile web design. Research said that 57 percent of consumers won’t recommend a business with a not-so attractive mobile website.

Getting it Right with Retail Email

If from the beginning you are not asking your customers to sign up for any kind of rewards program, you are basically missing out on the opportunity to get in touch with your clients. When you collect emails, you can create a list where you can advertise deals, new offers, sales and other in-store offers. Moreover, sending personalized emails will definitely increase customer engagement levels and improve customer acquisition and retention.

Make Use of the Data Analytics

Millennials are more likely to search for something on a site like Google. Retailers must invest in paid advertising like Google Adwords, remarketing, email, Facebook ads, etc then use Google Analytics and/or other similar digital data tools to understand the data you get from traffic to your site. By making good use of the data, you can market more effectively and efficiently.

Retail analytics is not just reserved for e-commerce sites, but in-store retailers can get their hands on data too, which can help improve their stores. These tools enables you to collect information on the number of people in your location, provide analysis on the store’s conversion rate, dwell time and highest and least selling items in your shop.

Be Proud of your Customers Rating and Review

Ratings and review are two significant factors in helping customers make more informed decisions. They are proven to drive sales, increase credibility and eliminate doubt that your customers may have. 61 percent of consumers rely heavily on rating and reviews for product information. Take advantage of these reviews and incorporate them in offline marketing collateral, or display them along with the product information in-store.

Establish Online Community to Increase Both Online and Offline Visibility

By building an active community, it allows you to build a relationship with the people you want as part of your tribe. It primarily forges a connection and is an effective tool to promote products and overall brand that generates trust, interests & connection. By developing interesting and engaging content, consumers will know that they can turn to you for finding a specific product, but also can rely on your opinion, so they can understand it better.

In this ongoing shift to an e-commerce based economy, brick-and-mortar retailers should strategize how to capture the young generation market and invest in many ways to optimize their in-store experiences.

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