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Basic SEO Checklist to Determine the Rank of Your Store

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There are many available marketing tools to assist you in determining and improving the performance of your online store.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best marketing channels that you can invest in to help your business grow. However, it is not an easy task. Many entrepreneurs find it hard to understand and utilize search engine optimization.

Organic traffic is one of the factors that you have to look into to know whether you are doing well in your online business. But the question is how do you achieve more organic traffic for your store without relying too much on paid advertisement?

SEO is often a long-term investment, but even new store owners can utilize its value by understanding the simple principles knowing the right strategies to practice. Here is a checklist of the basic steps you must take to bring yourself forward:

Basic SEO checklist

Purchase a custom domain

To be successful in search, your store will be needing its domain. A domain name can be registered online. It helps gain the trust of your potential customers when they are searching through search engines. Relating your domain name to the industry you are in with the help of common terms will make you rank higher.

If you cannot think of a domain name yourself, there are also lots of available domain name generators. It is as easy as typing your brand or ideal domain name and it will automatically display ideas that are available for you to purchase. This will give you lots of options or inspiration to think of the best domain name that will work for your company.

Set up an Analytics account and property

You can start free when creating your Analytics account. You can head out to online platforms such as Google and just follow their instructions to set up your property. This will collect your website data and track your analytics account. Completing all these processes will provide you with adequate and accurate information about visitor’s behavior. It allows you to create decisions that will impact them and entice them to try on your brand.

Create a Search Console

In setting up, what you will need next is a sitemap. It is what will tell search engines about the existence and the structure of your website. Some generate sitemap files automatically. It is what you will submit to your Webmaster Tools account. That tool will check for any errors in your website or any of these pages. It will also alert you immediately in case you have something you need to fix.

Invest a paid plan

It’s okay to start with a free trial, however, your problem starts when the trial ends because there is a risk that all your work will instantly disappear. So it is a must to get a paid plan and unlock all the password protection features from your site and let it be crawled and indexed by your search engine.

Look into SEO tools 

SEO tools will help optimize and automate content. Some also offer very useful features such as social media linking and sharing options. It makes it easier to market and spread the word about your online store. Plus, it can prevent duplicate content from showing on your pages.

It is not easy to monitor and provide solutions to make algorithms and rankings work for you. But it is necessary to give your store an edge against your competitors. Both free and paid SEO tools are available online so you can start anytime. Just make sure you are prepared because there’s no turning back when you start to dip a toe, right after that, the only best option you have is to dive all in.

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