A Beginner’s Guide on Facebook Ads

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It has always been a challenge to reach out to customers when doing business online. But it would be lot easier if you have a tool based on what they like, their interests, and their behavior.

This is the benefit of using Facebook advertising. In fact, many ecommerce entrepreneurs and marketers use this to bolster their business growth. You can use this with Facebook ads too, as long as you are willing to learn the basics.

Why advertise on Facebook?

Due to many available options, it becomes hard to decide where to put your marketing budget. Nevertheless, here is what makes Facebook particularly enticing for both new and experienced business owners:

Increasing traffic from active and engaged users

Billions of people are actively using Facebook monthly; these users spend more time on Facebook than any other social network. Facebook also owns other popular mobile apps accessible to Facebook advertisers through its advertising platform. These are what drives active, interested traffic to your website.

Customer Targeting based on demographics, interests, and behaviors

Both Facebook and Instagram allow very detailed profiles to their users. This helps advertisers engage with customers through targeted ads. It is very to match products and service against a long list of users’ interests, traits, and behaviors which can be instantly seen and monitored through their profiles; leading to an increased chance of getting your message to your ideal customers.

Increasing Brand Awareness

A business’ Facebook and/or Instagram page offer the benefit of getting in touch with your customers and followers on social media. Meanwhile, using paid ads on Facebook and Instagram gives you a helping hand in promoting your brand’s social pages. This also gives you exposure, which then can be converted to sales as you grow your follower count.

Types of Facebook ad formats

Not everyone succeeds in Facebook advertising. But as long as you know your objective and your understand the types of Facebook ads you use, you’ll be able to produce effective and convincing ads. Here are two common types of face book ad formats.


Video ads are effective whether you are catching viewers’ attention while they are scrolling through their feed or if you are promoting your product or brand. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create video ads. You can also boost a post along with a video in your Facebook page. These ads will be visible on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

A backgrounder about your brand’s story is a potential Facebook video ads content. As long as you keep them 15 seconds or less, they can help catch the interest of your audience and keep them engaged. You should also put a clear call to action (CTA) at the end of the video such as telling them to buy a product or visit your a website.


Single image ads are considered as the common yet effective format when promoting a brand. Posting a series of photo-only ads can deliver a surge in online traffic much more than what other ads format can do.

For those who want to make ads quickly or wants to be practical by spending less, this type of ad is perfect because you can easily create an image ad in your Facebook page as a boosted post, or in Facebook Ads Manager for more detailed targeting options.

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